Murrieta, California

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What's it like to live in Murrieta?

Moving to Temecula/Murrieta from Indiana

Temecula/Murrieta/Winchester are both full of good neighborhoods and good schools. You really can't pick a bad place to live in either of these cities. Now if you expand your search out to include Wildomar/Menifee/Lake Elsinore/Canyon Lake, that's when you want to be more selective.

If you compare this area to San Diego and Oceanside, the housing, shopping, and restaurants are slightly less expensive. The "Inland Empire" has always been the place to live if you were priced out of San Diego or Orange County. But this has led to the IE now being the fastest-growing area in southern CA, and you will have competition for any home you're interested to buy or rent. You'll want to have a pool, or a community pool, and solar panels are a huge plus when you're running your A/C this much.

The worst thing about living in this area is that it's become too crowded. Expect freeway traffic, not just during rush hour, and having to make reservations or wait a long time to get in to any restaurant on a Friday or Saturday night. If you work in San Diego, the commute is horrible because so many others are headed the same direction. And the best thing about living in this area is that you have so many different options within reach: the beach, the mountains, the desert, San Diego, Los Angeles, wineries, golf, hiking, casinos, and more.

Moving to Temecula/Murrieta from Indiana

Moved here from LA two years ago. It's way too conservative for me. My house was affordable (430k for a brand new 1800 sq ft home with 9/10 schools on great schools) and it's beautiful and way bigger than anything we could afford in LA, but I can't staaaaand the Trump supporter and anti vax, anti mask vibes. I struggle to make friends, since I am a white woman they assume they can make racist and/or homophobic remarks to me and I literally cringeeee. The flags and trucks are constantly in your face and it's exhausting for me. People are stepford wives fake here and always all up in your business. Can't wear a crop top or cute clothes like I used to in LA without getting judgey looks from chunky middle aged white women carting around 3-4 kids in their minivans. LOL needless to say, we are definitely looking to move back to a major city. Probably San Diego for chiller vibes (compared to LA).

Edit: LA = Los Angeles (not Louisana)

Thinking of moving from FL to the Temecula/ Murrietta area, what’s the vibe?

I'm a liberal democrat and absolutely love it here. There is a small, loud and obnoxious contingency of Trumpers but you really don't notice anymore.

Everyone is respectful and the community is top notch on quality of life.

I embrace robust debate regarding politics and refuse to play into the identity politics nonsense.

Temecula is great, the demographic has been getting younger since a lot of young people have been moving up from San diego. As for schools I find that the Murrieta school board is a little more normal than the Temecula one is for now. My son goes to Vista Murrieta high school and it's an amazing school the kids seem extremely well integrated. Over all its a great place to raise a family.

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