Moreno Valley, California


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The Area

Moreno Valley is on the southwestern side of the Inland Empire region. This is a massive stretch of land that is larger than ten states and stretches from just east of Los Angeles to the borders of Nevada and Arizona. It was originally, much like its Central Valley neighbor to the north, dedicated to agriculture and filled with produce and dairy farms. Over the years however, agriculture declined in the face of rising populations and development, primarily driven by affordable housing opportunities east of the coast. The Inland Empire is located an hour+ east of Los Angeles, approximately an hour and a half north of San Diego, and around 3 ½ hours to Las Vegas. Many who choose to live here do so to take advantage of the short distances to the beaches, mountains, dessert, and gambling!

Moreno Valley is the only Inland Empire city with no downtown area. This makes its neighborhoods critical for supporting your lifestyle unless you’re venturing out of the city with some frequency. As with most Inland Empire cities the nicest neighborhoods are on the northern side of the city. It seems the closer you get to the mountains the roomier the homes, yards and blocks. The northside neighborhoods often have lakeside properties and amenities like a pool, a gym, clubhouse and family and community activities.

Moreno Valley Ranch

Young Families

Young families look to the north, if they can afford, or the east side for more reasonable pricing. The west side neighborhoods have great homes, albeit more modestly sized than the north, but also are part of neighborhoods that often have community amenities of a pool, and clubhouse for beating the heat and keeping the kiddos occupied during the blasted summer heat. Check out the eastern suburb of Moreno Valley Ranch first. It not only has the community amenities referenced but also is built around a lake for additional water and shoreline. That whole area on the east is nice due to proximity to Lake Perris State Recreation Area. Or check north if you’ve got the bucks.

  • Moreno Valley Ranch
  • Legacy Park
  • Mesa Verde

Sunnymead Ranch

Established Families

The pricier homes and neighborhoods are found on the northside of Moreno Valley. They are commonly built around golf clubs and significant neighborhood amenities. Essentially they create a self-contained family experience for those who live here and are great options considering the limited city experiences in Moreno Valley.

  • Sunnymead Ranch Homes
  • Hidden Springs
  • Shadow Mountain