Montgomery, Alabama

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The Area

Known for civil rights movements and the individuals like Martin Luther King Jr. and Rosa Parks that led them, Montgomery rests along the bank of the Alabama River in a southern area synonymous for its hot and humid weather. The city is built on rolling terrain that might surprise those inexperienced with the south and is located in south/central Alabama, just a couple hours from the Gulf of Mexico. Two major interstate highways, I-65 and I-85 meet near the geographical center of the city, leading to Nashville to the north and Atlanta to the northeast respectively.

Garden District

College Students

Montgomery is home to a diverse selection of colleges and universities including Alabama State University, Auburn University at Montgomery, and Huntingdon College. ASU students tend to live on campus or to the east in neighborhoods like the Garden District. Cloverdale has a decent selection of older houses that students sometimes live in as well. College students across Montgomery often complain that there’s not much to do for people their age in Montgomery, and going downtown is something that students often do to get closer to the action.

  • Garden District
  • Cloverdale
  • Downtown

Cottage Hill

Young Professionals

Cottage Hill is an area that many young people call their home in Alabama’s capital. There are a number of restaurants and other social options. The neighborhood is probably the most walkable one in the city and has a solid location near downtown. Cloverdale is another area that affords young residents with reasonable rental costs for cute homes and a variety of eating and hang out options. There’s a popular and lovely spring concert series in Cloverdale as well for those musically inclined.

  • Cottage Hill
  • Cloverdale
  • Garden District


Young Families

The common answer that you will receive when asking where families should move in the Montgomery area is the suburbs. Public schools in the city itself are not highly regarded, and better educational opportunities and solid housing options are thought of as more plentiful outside of the city. One suburb that is located a short drive from Montgomery is Millbrook. Millbrook has a comparable if not better restaurant and bar scene than Montgomery itself and is known for being safer than the city as well. Prattville is also just across the river from Montgomery and itself has a lot of local businesses and solid schools. Its relative proximity to the city also provides the opportunity to escape downtown as well.

  • Millbrook
  • Prattville
  • Coosada

Blue Ridge

Established Families

Blue Ridge is a bit further from Montgomery and offers more of a rural feel than neighborhoods and suburbs closer to the city, but its solid schools and living options make it one of the best spots in the area for those families willing to be a bit further away from the action. Pike Road is a tight knit community south of Montgomery that is also close to the highway leading to the smaller city of Troy Alabama. It’s a more quiet community than much of the surrounding area and is known for the lush green fields that cover most of it.

  • Blue Ridge
  • Pike Road
  • Coosada