Missoula, Montana


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College Students/Young Professionals

Downtown is “headquarters” for Young Professionals as well as students who want to live off-campus from University of Montana. Plenty of inexpensive apartment housing lures both communities who seek a lively social experience within walking distance of their homes. Downtown is filled with cool shops, art galleries, tons of restaurants and reasonably priced bars, and it plays host to tons of local events including concerts and performing arts.

  • Downtown

Rose Park


Rose Park is possibly the most notable neighborhood in Missoula due to its unique structure. It is nicknamed “slat street” by locals because of the way its roads angle off at about 45 degrees from due north. This makes it tricky to drive and keeps traffic down the peace and quiet in full bloom. The area has beautiful parks for outdoor play and is a walk to many of Missoula’s best restaurants so families enjoy the peace and quiet and access to social culture. Lower Rattlesnake is another great option - home to the Rattlesnake Recreation it is an amazing area for families to experience the outdoors. Homes are blocks in the area are both suburban and rural style to suit your taste.

  • Rose Park
  • Lewis and Clark
  • Lower Rattlesnake