Manhattan Beach, California

If Boujee and Beach Vibes Had a Kid

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What's it like to live in Manhattan Beach?

How is Manhattan Beach and Hermosa Beach area?

Well the South Bay is like one of the nicest parts of LA. I think most people who live here would love to move there if they could afford it. Manhattan Beach especially is my favorite part of LA, I never go to west LA for their beaches because Manhattan Beach is a much better option for a beach day. But Hermosa will be younger and feel more happening if that’s what you’re looking for. Either way, 2 or the best parts of LA. Honestly I’d just say drive over there when you get a chance, that would pretty much answer any questions you have. You’re talking about some of the richest areas in LA, of course it’s safe.

How is Manhattan Beach and Hermosa Beach area?

They are the same micro climate as Venice and Santa Monica. Rarely hotter than 80 degrees. Lots of marine layer May - July.

Both are noticeably whiter and wealthier than West LA. Democrat voting but not really culturally leftist in the same way as a Venice.

Manhattan Beach is a lot of upper/upper middle income parents pushing strollers. Hermosa has that too in addition to lots of 20 something year olds.

Chill vibes all around down there. Only downside is you're a bit further from the action of Central LA and a little further from the best hikes (Palos Verdes has some hikes, but they're not as good).

Is Manhattan Beach a good choice?

I’ve lived here for 27 years, and still live here (I’m 30 now)

It is one of the best cities in America. Utterly clean, modern, healthy, and usually pretty accepting (wasn’t always that way, and people who don’t live here still have an old/misinformed perspective)

It has become boujee af in recent years. Many people will say it’s always been like that, but it wasn’t this bad 20 years ago. Almost all the shops lining the pier and downtown are luxury/boutique shops. You will need a salary over $150,000 for things to be comfortable (contribute to retirement, not have roommates, save money, etc.).

That said, I grew up with Erik Karros as a baseball coach, Nomar Garciaparra as a friend, Luke Walton as an acquaintance, etc. There is lots to be excited about and experience. Cody Bellinger used to have breakfast at a place we frequent

It is one of the best cities in LA (County), but is ludicrously expensive. This genuinely can make it hard to be social within the city itself, as everything has such a high cost.

There is much history, with the invention of beach volleyball, Bruce’s Beach, the geenbelt, Metlox, etc.

Highly family-oriented and predicated on community. The services, sports leagues, schools, etc. are all top notch and attract other surrounding cities

It’s also one of the cleaner beaches around, with sand so nice that it was shipped to Hawaii to like their beaches

In short, I can’t say enough good things about MB. The only glaring issues is the explosion of cost, and sometimes the snobs that coke with it. That said, they’re certainly the exception and not the norm. People will make the uninformed claim that the city is entirely like that, but it is not the case if you’re here within the community

Is Manhattan Beach Right Place To Live? The Pros and Cons You Must Know