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What's it like to live in Macon?

What is Macon, GA known for?

Macon is Georgia's Music City. It was home to Little Richard, Otis Redding, & the Allman Brothers (2 of whom are butied here). It has many music clubs & venues.

There are over 10,000 Japanese cherry trees in the city which has given rise to the Macon Cherry Blossom festival—a two week event which draws many visitors each spring.

Macon also has beautiful historic neighborhoods—due largely to the fact that the Union Army stopped just shy of Macon in its infamous March through Georgia. It also has a strong historic preservation culture.

On the outskirts of the city are the Ocmulgee Indian Mounds, a large, federally protected park. It contains the remnants (extensive) of one of the oldest pre-historic settlements in the south. There are several burial mounds, an earth lodge. The visitors' center contains a museum well-worth seeing.

Finally, Macon has a strong tradition of hospitality and is a welcoming place. It has an anti-discrimination ordinance which includes the GLBT community.

Finally, it is home to three colleges/universities and 2 strong community theatres which ensure that there is always a variety of events to attend.

Do residents of Macon, GA generally enjoy a good quality of life?

That’s kind of a strange question, but I’d like to say yes. People enjoy quality of life here the same as anywhere else. It’s hot and muggy as hell in the summer but I have memories of floating down the Ocmulgee river with a beer in hand and swinging out over the river on a rope at Billy’s rock. We like to take the ranger mudding and getting filthy head to toe. Mud bogs at Elko and skiing or riding jet skis at Sinclair or lake tobesofkee. My parents house had throw downs in the summer at their pool house and pool. My fav time of year is fall here. It’s beautiful and I enjoy searching for arrowheads, going to the Perry fair, and Friday night football games. Local bars that I play pool, foosball and darts at occupy my weekends when I feel like getting out. My neighborhood has a society garden if you want to hear live music in an outdoor atmosphere. The restaurants have history too. Cox cafe, s&s cafeteria, H&H, Jim Shaws seafood, plus the best hotdogs on the planet at Nu-way. I could go on and on about places and things I grew up with, but I’m sure that anywhere you live is capable of making good memories and enjoying your quality of life. I grew up mostly going to private school, which I was blessed to be able to attend and now there is a private school available in Macon that is free for those who can’t afford private. There are many churches to choose from, a new mall and shopping centers are popping up everywhere. Atlanta is just right up the interstate but here in Macon you don’t have the hustle and bustle but can enjoy the easy access to the big city. Sure there is crime here but this isn’t Mayberry fairyland. If your quality of life is bad based on your location then I would strongly urge to move away. I believe that home is where you make it.


You're not going to find much public transportation in Macon… or anywhere in Georgia, really. Macon has some really shady areas, but there's nice parts too. Great part about the area is that if you're willing to commute, you can buy yourself a large house on acreage for alot less that you're used to spending in New Jersey! It'll be a culture shock here, but once you get used to it, you'll probably end up loving it. Except summers… summers are brutal.


Macon is growing as a city and improving. We have our problems, but we are a city that is trying to turn itself around and improve for the community. I've lived here my entire life and have a brewery in downtown. Macon has parts that are bad, but we also have areas that are good, like any other city in the country. We have poor public transportation for sure. However, we have a rich history. We have a musical heritage, we've got Native American history, and a growing beer scene. Macon is on the upswing. The violence that occurs is territorial and gang related. Very rarely is it the case that somebody truly innocent is killed. It is worth considering. We are a very affordable city, a centrally located city, and a city with plenty of activities. If you have any question, or concerns please feel free to PM me. Cheers!

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