Macon, Georgia


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Young Professionals/College Students

Downtown Macon is where a lot of the investment and infrastructure building is happening. Restaurants, bars, music joints, cafes and plenty of lofts, condo and apartment options, all within walking distance make this the ideal location for you zoomers and younger millennials. College Hill is another cool option for young professionals and students. Sandwiched between downtown and Mercer University. While there are classic southern homes lining many of the blocks there are also homes broken up into apartments as well as some less expensive apartment building options. You are still a walk to downtown and to the University so you get the energy of the school but a bit more genteel an experience than downtown.

  • Downtown
  • College Hill

Wesleyan Woods


Wesleyan Woods is just a few miles west of downtown but offers bigger homes on big plots of land and beautiful tree-lined streets. It’s more expensive than other neighborhoods but far less expensive than nearby Atlanta and way less expensive than cities in the Northeast. This is a family paradise with parks and its own local businesses to get a burger or ice cream or groceries.

Families who want to be more amidst the action should check out College Hill. While the name makes it seem like a place filled with boisterous undergrads, that isn’t the vibe. It’s filled with stunning historic southern homes and a true community feel that makes riding bikes on the sidewalks and taking strolls to the local restaurants and cafes a true daily experience.

  • Wesleyan Woods
  • College Hill
  • Ingleside