Lubbock, Texas

Red Raiders

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South/North Overton

College Students

All of the neighborhoods surrounding Texas Tech have apartment opportunities for college kids. They also have home rentals for those looking for stand-alone living options. Expect inexpensive, short walks to campus but also a good free bus line scooting kids around the large campus and the closest neighborhoods.

  • South/North Overton
  • Arnett Benson
  • Tech Terrace

Arts District

Young Professionals

Downtown has several neighborhoods that pull young professionals. The Overton neighborhood has a mix of college and young professionals. If you’re out of school but still want the social life this could be your spot. The Depot and Arts District and surrounding blocks also pull in the youngsters looking for a slightly groovier vibe. Downtown in general is the place to be if you want a good walkscore and easy access to nightlife.

  • Arts District
  • Depot District
  • North/South Overton

Ave Q/19th Street

Young Families

Depending on your point of view on housing costs there are lots of different neighborhoods in Lubbock for that first home. Housing is inexpensive in Lubbock by many national standards but there certainly are neighborhoods in the $400k range that young families coming from California, New York or Austin would find very reasonable but others would find a big leap. We’ve pushed those neighborhoods into the established families category.

  • Ave Q/19th Street
  • Hatton Place
  • Iola Avenue/66th Street

The Reserves at Ravenwood, Lubbock, Texas

Established Families

If you’re looking for big homes, a variety of architectural styles, country clubs and a path to a great high school then Lubbock has you covered. Growth is driving a lot of building in many of these neighborhoods, so if you want a home designed from scratch that’s probably available. Alternately there are historical districts with beautiful old homes, including downtown spots near Lubbock High School.

  • The Reserves at Ravenwood
  • Lakeridge
  • The Trails at Regal Park
  • Ave Q/Broadway Street