Los Angeles, California

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Culver City

Young Professionals

LA is filled with groovy neighborhoods that rise and fall in popularity among the young and young-at-heart professionals. Culver City, on the west side of LA, is a growing center of economic and social growth in recent years. Some of that popularity comes from the community vibe you get there. Lots of the creative class stick close to home(and the coffee shops) and WFH is driving people to live in neighborhoods with good, intimate commercial districts, walkable neighborhoods (yes, LA has them) and "reasonably" priced buying and renting options. Added bonus, Culver City is on the light rail line so you can walk to the station and then take the E line to Santa Monica and the beach.

  • Culver City
  • Silver Lake
  • Beverlywood
  • Downtown

West Hollywood


West Hollywood is one of the most influential cities in the country for its advocacy for LGBTQ+ issues and as a home for the community. More than 40% of the residents identify as LGBTQ+ and the neighborhood is host to big events including WeHo Pride, Lesbian and Queer Women Visibility Week, Bi-Visibility Week and Transgender Awareness Month.

The area is also famous as a historical center for music, entertainment, fashion and culture and is filled with clubs, bars, music venues, comedy joints and pretty much everything else you could want to do in LA. Living here you're in the heart of the action.

  • West Hollywood
  • Silver Lake
  • Venice
  • Elysian Park

Silver Lake


Other than New York, there are probably more "DINKs/SINKs" in Los Angeles than any city in the country (on the planet?). When peeps get tired of whatever crazy neighborhood they first live in Los Angeles and are ready for a bit more chill, but cool vibes they often pick Silver Lake for their next home. Picture people in hip Brooklyn neighborhoods but more sunny.

What's so great about Silver Lake? Well, you have to start with the namesake body of water, Silver Lake Reservoir, where the local hipsters run, walk, roll and bike. When you're not soaking up the sun and water views you'll enjoy insanely good cafes, restaurants and boutique shopping all along Sunset Junction. When you're done grubbing and caffeinating you'll also enjoy a great music scene. The neighborhood has a mix of apartments, condos, rental bungalows and increasingly, young families who don't want to give up a walkable, fun area for the despair of suburbia.

  • Silver Lake
  • Echo Park



Hard to go wrong picking Brentwood for your family. Another neighborhood on the westside, it sprawls across the hills and is filled with cool Mid-Century Modern ranches. The backyards often have beautiful views of the city. The neighborhood also has some fo the best private schools in the city like Brentwood School and The Archer School for Girls. Finally, and most importantly for some families, the neighborhood has great outdoor play options at Topanga State Park and tons of excellent and eclectic food choices in the neighborhood commercial district.

  • Brentwood
  • Manhattan Beach/Redondo Beach
  • Eagle Rock
  • Mar Vista
  • Playa Vista