Lincoln, Nebraska

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Young Professionals

Lincoln is known for college kids and families not for being a bastion of young professionals. There is however a growing social scene in the Haymarket area of downtown Lincoln. It benefits from both being downtown, for walking to work, has ton of eating and drinking options, and is close to the University so if you consider that energy a positive then this is your place. Alternatively, look at the Havelock neighborhood in Northeast Lincoln if you want to be able to walk out at night or to shop during the day but its not as close to the University as Haymarket if you’d like things a bit less college-y.

  • Haymarket/Downtown
  • Havelock/Northeast Lincoln



Downtown is the closest thing to an LGBTQ_ friendly neighborhood in Lincoln. While the city is considered community friendly it doesn’t really have a single neighborhood. As in many cities the downtown area is home to the bars and restaurants that are owned and cater to LGBTQ+ and so that is where more of the community gathers. Downtown houses much of the cultural and performing arts centers as well as PFLAG and Out Nebraska.

  • Downtown

Family Acres


The aptly named Family Acres, is one of the most popular neighborhoods for families in Lincoln. Great homes, big yards, excellent public schools and plenty of parks and open spaces for the little beans to play. If you want to look at the schmanciest of neighborhoods check out Yankee Ridge. Home to a beautiful country club and lined with bigger homes and yards than most or all of the neighborhoods in the city.

  • Family Acres
  • Country Club
  • Yankee Ridge