Lewiston, Maine

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Riverfront Island

Young Professionals

Lewiston is a small city but due to the conversion of mills and warehouses in the downtown and riverfront areas there is a growing stock of apartments in cool buildings. While plenty of the youngsters flock to Portland it may be worth considering some of these significantly less expensive neighborhoods in Lewiston that are just 20 mins from Portland.

  • Riverfront Island
  • Main Canal
  • Downtown


Young Families

As mentioned the prices on homes in Lewiston are well below national and Maine averages so young families can buy in without going bust. Lewiston was filled with middle-class families in its textile heyday which means the city has plenty of starter and mid-sized homes that smaller “modern” families can take advantage of.

  • Sunnyside
  • Pleasant Webber


Established Families

Prior to the collapse in textiles Lewiston also had a significant wealthy population. The homes that housed those early plutocrats still populate the more established neighborhoods and so if you’re looking for beautiful, well-built brick homes for a growing family, Lewiston has plenty of options for you.

  • Ashmount/Mitchell
  • Webster St