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What's it like to live in Lakewood?

Thoughts on Lakewood? Possibly Moving to Denver

I lived in Lakewood when I first moved to Denver. Just like everybody else is saying - it's nice, a good location, blah blah blah I picked it for the same reason you did.

But it's boring! It's your all American typical suburbia. Lots of chain restaurants and stores to dump your money into. You'll always be within walking distance of a Walmart, Starbucks, and McDonalds. Belmar is full of Jr. High kids. The lakes and hills and things are pretty to walk around. If that's your thing, then yes, Lakewood is perfect.

No good microbreweries (except maybe Ironworks?) The bus takes 45 minutes to get you downtown (at least from the Belmar area) - yeah, it's a 10 minute drive, but I always hated bringing my car downtown. Especially if you plan on grabbing some drinks - which you'll want to do, because the number of decent bars in Lakewood is few and far between, and caters more to the middle age crowd. My friends and I spent a lot of time arguing over who had to be the designated driver. We spent a lot of time at the Rackhouse and the Skylark where parking was decent.

When I lived in Lakewood I spent most of my days lazily walking my dog, downloading shit off the internet to watch, and grilling meat. During ski season, we were conveniently located 15 minutes from hours worth of I-70 traffic. It was "nice".

If I were fixin' to pop out some kiddos and buy a house, I'd probably move back to Lakewood.

Thoughts on Lakewood? Possibly Moving to Denver

After living in Lakewood for about 4½ years, I really like it. It is, however, the only place in Colorado I've lived. That said, it's close to downtown, while also still being close(r) to the mountains. I'd prefer Golden, personally, but that costs quite a bit more. I think I might also like Evergreen, actually, but that may be too far from the city.

Really, Lakewood nicely splits what's important to me: close to the mountains, close to the city, affordable. Trying to get any more of one of those things means less of the others.

Thoughts on Lakewood? Possibly Moving to Denver

I live in the hood right now (Green Mountain) and I don't mind it. I too am young, but opted to not live in town because I wanted to be closer to the mountains. There is some cool stuff happening though. 40 west arts district, Light rail, plenty of dive bars along west Colfax… The music scene is a bit lacking however and you will have to venture into town for that, but on the other hand, you would be in close proximity to Red Rocks.

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