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What's it like to live in Kansas City?

What's it like to live in Kansas City, MO?

It’s just like Chicago, New York and LA except without the assholes, haha. We’re so laid back and hospitable in this section of the map. We believe that money should be spent on life experience and not rent(; The cost of living is quite enticing. We love our professional sports teams while embracing our college athletics at the same time. The arts district is so rich and diverse and the roots are obviously very deep-our art institutions and museums are world renowned. I love it here, it’s for living and thriving, not just visiting. It’s a wonderful place to call home.

What's it like to live in Kansas City, MO?

It's the great crossroads of America. That means a guy from Maine, Texas, Alabama, New York, Colorado or California would fit in about equally. It's got tons of green spaces. The murder rate is maybe 1/2 as bad as in St Louis or Kansas City, Kansas (Quindaro sux).

The cost of living is low. People are friendly enough but stay out of your beeswax. The thing to remember is it IS a city. If you go to where the transgendered crack whores sell booty for dope money, expect to see some weird, violent behavior. If you stick to safe neighborhoods, you should be fine.

I live in East Independence, and it's very quiet and peaceful here. My house is a cabin in a wooded hollow similar to something you'd see in the Ozarks three hours south of here.

What’s the best and worst things about Kansas City?

I feel like I'm qualified to answer this now that I've lived in multiple places that aren't in the KC area.


Cost of living

Traffic is a joke, even during bad days compared to similarly sized cities.

The cuisines that they have readily available are really good.

Midtown is legitimately hip, not just a bunch of trustifarians pretending to be poor like so many other urban cores.

Decent farmer's markets in the summer.

It's a very pretty city. Architecture and trees are great everywhere.

The people are happy you're there. KC people are extremely welcoming to outsiders, excited about it even. They love to share KC with newcomers.

Relatively diverse. I live in Denver and it's pretty much all white all the time. It gets old and people are often out of touch because of this.

What’s the best and worst things about Kansas City?

I've been in the city since September after moving from CA. I love this city. Edit: I've lived in Denver and its surrounding metro area, and in CA's big 6 (San Francisco, San Jose, Oakland, Los Angeles, San Diego, Sacramento).


Cost of living.

Pretty good restaurants.

No traffic compared to a big city.

Water quality is high.

Architecturally interesting in some places.

Housing market is buyer friendly (for now).

Gas prices are lol.

Google Fiber is great but it also drives down prices for everyone else. 400mbps w/ Spectrum for 30$ last I checked.

"Hi, may I help you!?"

Chiefs fandom is pervasive and inclusive, if that's your thing.

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