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The Area

Many people probably know that Kansas City is a bi-state city and metropolitan area. Kansas City, Missouri is the one most people are talking about when they refer to the city as it holds 480k+ vs. the 100k+ of Kansas City, Kansas. The larger Metro Area is visualized as four quadrants: Southeast includes Kansas City, Missouri and Northwest includes Kansas City, Kansas.

The Metro area is truly at the center of the midwestern universe with more freeway lane miles per capita than any other city in the United States. All these highways take you directly to Des Moines, Wichita, St. Louis and Topeka. It also sits at the confluence of the Missouri River and the Kansas River. The rolling hills of Kansas City and the Metro Area line the rivers and make the views across the rivers for many a homeowner.

River Market

Young Professionals

River Market is one of the hottest neighborhoods for young professionals. Plenty of apartments, condos and lofts mix nicely with the amazing food, bars and boutique downtown shopping. The free Streetcar service is available to take you to the other downtown neighborhoods and if you work down here you can expect a short walk. Also nice is the direct access to the river for a paddle on a warm day. Union Hill is another great option if you like downtown living. Just south of the amazing Crown Center, which is a shopping, dining and entertainment emporium, sits a slightly more quiet locale but one surrounded by jumping spots. Tons of shops, restaurants, bars and immediate proximity to Liberty Park for those inclined to get out for a run or ride.

  • River Market
  • Union Hill
  • Volker
  • West Plaza



A lot of the neighborhoods favored by Young Professionals are great choices for DINKS/SINKS as well. Volker is one of these magic areas. Filled with cool bungalow and shirtwaist-style homes, and close proximity to great eats and bars, it's just far enough away from downtown to bring some peace but borders more jumping spots so if you’re in the mood you’re just a short walk away. West Plaza is another cool option. Just south of Volker and close to plenty of nightlife, it has new townhomes, American Foursquare homes and perfect little bungalows ripe for renovation.

  • Volker
  • West Plaza
  • West Waldo

Historic Northeast


Kansas City has several neighborhoods popular with the LGBTQ+ community. Brookside is popular with younger, single professionals looking for plenty of cool coffee shops, art galleries and festivals, restaurants, bars and overall nightlife. Historic Northeast is another popular choice for those looking for beautiful Victorians to restore or just enjoy and is a short walk to plenty of shops, restaurants and bar options.

  • Brookside
  • Historic Northeast
  • Old Briarcliff



Brookside is a nice choice for young families. Just a 15 minute drive to downtown if you’re hankering for some action but quiet and safe for raising those kiddos away from the downtown scene. It also has fun local restaurants for taking the kids out for BBQ or on date night. Waldo is another great choice. Small but with great parks for kids and grownups of all ages it also has the best private schools in the city. It’s also filled with boutique shopping, some nightlife, a number of the grooviest coffee shops and plenty of room for Fido to run around.

  • Brookside