Ithaca, New York

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College Students

Collegetown is the greatest concentration of students off-campus in Ithaca. It’s filled with mostly undergrads but very popular due to the apartment options and also the tons of restaurants, bars and shopping in the area. It’s also right next to the Cornell campus so a short walk gets you to classes. Fall Creek is preferred by graduate students who also want a walk to school but want the quiet of subdivided homes and single-unit houses over the noisy big apartment buildings of Collegetown.

  • Collegetown
  • Fall Creek
  • East Hill
  • Downtown


Young Professionals

Downtown is the most common landing place for young professionals who’ve just graduated from Cornell or Ithaca, or who’ve just moved to the city. It’s the most energetic neighborhood in the city with great living options and more importantly (for some) plenty of restaurants, bars and a great pedestrian shopping center all a short walk from “home”. It’s also the area where most businesses are located so those who are fortunate can walk to work and then walk home from the pub after happy hour.

  • Downtown

Cornell Heights


Cornell Heights Historic District was built for Cornell faculty between the years of 1898 and 1942 and many of these historic homes still remain. In addition to beautiful homes and streets Cornell Heights also offers access to walking trails, waterfalls and plenty of outdoor recreation areas for parents and the kiddos. Belle Sherman is another great option due to its peaceful streets, beautiful but affordable homes, tons of public parks and excellent schools.

  • Cornell Heights
  • Belle Sherman
  • Fall Creek