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What's it like to live in Irving?

What is it like to live in Irving, Texas?

I don’t live in Irving, but for the last 18 years I have lived within 20 miles of Irving, and I am there all the time.

Irving is a nice city. It is right in the center between Dallas and Fort Worth (which have more or less grown into each other). From all accounts, they have good schools and normal amounts of crime for a city of it’s size. There is a large area of Irving called “Las Colinas” which is a large business district where many tech firms (including Microsoft) have offices. Irving has all of the amenities of any large modern urban area. The housing is affordable compared with other major cities in the United States.

Irving, like many of the cities in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex area is really like a suburb city of Dallas and Fort Worth. If you live around here long enough, you will realize that this entire area is like one mega-city. Each city that makes up DFW has its own identity, but that identity is tied to the larger identity of “The Metroplex.”

How is it like to live in Irving, Texas?

I love living here. Been here almost 17 yrs and it is close to Dallas and Ft Worth. Where I live it is pretty quiet , except for planes flying over during the day. Have small amount of crime…but safe enough to walk around at 2 in the morning if you wanted to without worry. Irving is right in the center of not being far from Downtown Dallas and Downtown Ft. Worth. Depending on where you live it is close to DFW airport and about 15-20 minutes from Dallas Love Field Airport.

People complain about South Irving and saying that the crime there is worse than North Irving or Las Colinas. To me crime is crime and if the criminals are out they dont just choose South Irving. They aren't picky. Crime is everywhere and in every state. It is up to you to protect your car and home.

There are wonderful events that go on throughout the year here. Irving has many wonderful parks and public pools that you can go to. They have live concerts (outside and inside) at the Toyota Music Factory, which also has a bunch of restaurants around that area. There are plenty of things to do in Irving and if not you are close to other places to have fun!

I help with rehab for the Irving Fire Dept and help with the Police Dept on special events. And I can tell you that the first responders here are simply amazing. Hopefully you won't ever need them, but if you do it is good to know that they are the best I have seen and really are the nicest bunch of people.

I would recommend living here.

Moving to the Irving area from Chicago. . . . Feeling like I'm moving to another planet.

My family (wife and 2 kids) moved from the west coast to Texas. No game plan, no job lined up.

Upon arriving in TX, we stayed at a fairly cheap hotel/motel (think motel 6) and immediately began looking around town for a place. Found a few then got the idea to contact an apartment locator service. Met up with the apt locator, she took us around to a few places that met what we were looking for (2br to save on rent). Checked out different areas, asked a LOT of questions about general area info as well as potential for crime. Found an apartment that would take us if we put down a full months rent as a deposit. Don't regret it at all. Apartment was in a decent place, lots of blue collar workers. We also contacted health and human services and applied for SNAP benefits (food stamps) to help while i looked for a job.

Luckily, it all worked out. I wish you and your family all the best and let me be the first to welcome you to Texas!

Moving to the Irving area from Chicago. . . . Feeling like I'm moving to another planet.

I live in Valley Ranch, an area of Irving near 635 and MacArthur. It's a nice area, with plenty of apartments. It's safe, as far as I know - i go on walks late at night on the Valley Ranch Trails and have never encountered any trouble. Rent is reasonable, I think - i pay 1400 a month for a 2 bedroom, gated community, attached garage, huge kitchen, garden bathtubs, and an awesome maintenance crew.

As far as public transportation, it's definitely not as good as Chicago, but I have a friend who has lived here for a year without a car. There are plenty of bus stops in Valley Ranch, although they don't run very late.

If you have any questions, feel free to message me. I've been living in Irving for a little over a year, but I'm familiar with the area -my mom has lived here for 10 years.

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