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Young Professionals/Students/DINKs/SINKs

Iowa City is divided into two halves by the Iowa River. The Eastside Iowa City section is where Young Professionals and College Students tend to live, young professionals Downtown and students near the campus of the University of Iowa. Tons of bars, restaurants, cafes, museums, galleries, all of it in either of the two neighborhoods in Eastside and focused on serving the students are relatively recently graduated. The area has tons of apartments and condos for renters and early buyers, all within a walk of prime social, work and school locations.

The other side of the river, Westside Iowa City has the world-class University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics as well as the University of Iowa sports facilities. This is where graduate & medical students tend to live as well as professionals ready to escape downtown energy but still live in an area with commercial energy.

  • Eastside (Downtown/University)
  • Westside (Hospital neighborhood/University Heights)

North Liberty


While Eastside contains downtown and University it also has neighborhoods great for families. If you go farther east of downtown you start hitting walkable neighborhoods with some of the best family restaurants in Iowa City, many a short walk from an ice cream shop. It also borders the Border Preserve, an amazing 100-acre prairie, and woodland preservation area. It’s filled with walking trails, art installations and the best scenery in the midwest.

There are several other great neighborhoods a bit farther out, including North Liberty. Many locals think of it as the best family-friendly neighborhood in the city, with great homes, yards, parks and excellent public schools. If you're ok needing to hop in a car to get downtown this is a good place to start your search.

  • North Liberty
  • Eastside
  • Coralville