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What's it like to live in Henderson?

What is it like to live in Henderson, NV?

We moved to Henderson in 2016 from North Dakota. I think it depends on where in Henderson you move, but I absolutely love our area. We’re on the edge, almost in Boulder City. It’s quiet. The traffic is mild. I rarely hear a siren. I think the last time was a few months ago when an ambulance transported someone a few blocks over. Yet we’re still close enough to enjoy the action when we want. Our biggest problem is the limited number of eateries that deliver.

What is it like to live in Henderson, NV?

I was born in Las Vegas (about 5–10 minutes from Henderson or that’s what Google maps, honestly, more like 15 minutes on a good day)

I’ve lived in Henderson for my whole life minus the first few months of my life. From my experience it’s a pretty good city to live in. Let’s just break it down in pros and cons


~Everything is very close, especially the closer you live to Marks street.

~Plenty of places to eat, drink, things to do. You rarely have to go to Las Vegas for anything unless you are going to a doctors appointment maybe.

~The city of Henderson always has events going on, farmers markets just about every week, theres parades, etc. meet and greets with police as well!

~Neighborhoods are generally pretty quite and the crime rate tends to be fairly low.


Speaking of crimes: car robberies, robberies in general. Likely the worst you have to worry about, unless you get involved with the wrong people.
Occasionally you will run into someone unpleasant, otherwise you have nothing to worry about,
Monopolies holding onto residents (power and trash are monopolized, it used to be this way with cable and internet but not much anymore)
Honestly, most of this is based on experience. If I can give anyone one piece of advice about living in Henderson, if you plan on living to stay, buy a home. Don’t rent, don’t lease an apartment. The prices are high and you’re honestly better off investing. Worse comes to worse and you change your mind later you can always sell and move.

What are the best aspects of living in Henderson, NV as a young adult?

Well, you’re close to EVERYTHING! If you want nightlife (and what young adult doesn’t?) Where can you find more nightlife than Las Vegas? Just a few minutes from Henderson, you’ll be in the world CAPITAL of night life! There are dance clubs, bars, karaoke bars, shows, restaurants… the list goes on and on! BUT! as a young adult, if you’re of the variety who just may be looking to settle down sometime in the near future, Henderson is actually a place where you can do that without getting run-over by all of those wannabe stars and starlets who just don’t have time in their lives for kids. In Henderson, there’s a little bit more of a “family” feel; we have a terrific library and a huge park where there’s something going on nearly every day of the year! There’s a huge pond in it with tremendous flocks of ducks, geese and other birds-all of which are very friendly! Just be sure to stop by the dollar store and pick up a loaf of bread or something to feed them: they’re HUNGRY! And they can EAT!

We also have some of the best shopping in America! The District has something for everyone! There’s a little park, with shopping, restaurants and boutiques, all right outside of Green Valley Ranch-arguably one of the best locals casinos in existence! Plenty available just inside of the casino! See their site for more on that. I came here 23 years ago and I’ve been all around this entire valley. I’ve lived just off the strip, I’ve been in North Las Vegas, West Las Vegas, the Eastern part of town, you name it. It took me until seven years ago to get back to Henderson/Green Valley and I’m never leaving if I can help it! I LOVE it here!

How is life in Henderson, Nevada?

Henderson isn't just close to Vegas, it's basically Vegas. The distinctions are really just a technicality and lines on a map. It's all one giant city in the valley.

There's a reason Vegas is called the ninth island. We have a large Hawaiian (Pacific Islander in general) population and culture. Hawaiian restaurants are everywhere and some of our high school football teams do the haka before games.

Southwestern side of things is nice. Southern Highlands, Inspirada, Anthem, Silverado Ranch, Green Valley, all good spots. Eastern side, basically Henderson proper, is locally called Hendertucky. It's not great. Boulder Highway is straight up dangerous.

There's of course nice neighborhoods and not sprinkled in everywhere. You'll have to start looking at specifics to get an idea. This city is full of mansions right next to an empty dirt lot with a homeless tent in the back.

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