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What's it like to live in Greensboro?

What is it like to live in Greensboro, NC?

Greensboro is a small city with a large City atmosphere.

Great place to raise a family. Great support to start a business.

Your 3 1/2 hours from the mountains or the Beach. With some of the most beautiful beaches in the USA and Mountains have some beautiful overlooks too.

Really nice people, plenty of Churches also.

Mild winters, I think the average temperatures are 50/ 32 deg. When it does snow, it’s usually gone in a week.

Our Spring and Fall seasons are the some great times to take a photo or two also.

You know, when I meet someone that’s moved here. I tell them to not tell any of their friends or family how nice it is here. So that we can keep it to ourselves and not get to big.

I would say ,Greensboro is the perfect size!!

Hi, r/GSO! I may be moving to NC and was wondering what you residents think of the area?

Greensboro is a nice sized city imo. Medium sized. Not too big or too small. It's been shaped a lot by the amount of universities in the city. The 5 colleges in the city and one community college. I think this shapes the city to feel young and more energetic due to the amount of younger college people around.

Greensboro is a refugee resettlement city and as such is very diverse. Lots of different kinds of communities of people live here from all over the world. There are also a lot of different kinds of restaurants to eat at if you're the adventurous type. If you like Indian, I recommend Saffron. Asian fusion/vegetarian I recommend Boba House.

Personally, my bias and favorite part of Greensboro is the area around downtown and UNCG. I like the old, craftsman style houses and neighborhoods. Every house is different and many of the houses here are old with history. The area around Westerwood with the Greenway Park is a very pleasant place to live and walk. Walking distance to parks, restaurants, bars and entertainment downtown.

Cost of living is really pretty low in Greensboro which is nice. That being said, there is a serious lack of decent, really low income housing in the city. If you're on a very tight budget, it may be hard to find a decent place to rent.

Not all sunshine though. Greensboro is a very segregated city and different parts of it will feel like a totally different world and standard of living. There are plenty of jobs in and around here but they will likely be jobs you wouldn't want to do. Lots of warehouses and labor jobs hiring all the time but those aren't anyones first pick.

For out of state visitors, I'd recommend taking them for a drive around the downtown nieghborhoods (Sunset Hills, Westerwood, Irving Park) if they're into looking at old houses or neighborhoods. Also, you could go to The Greenway, Bur Mill park Guilford Couthouse if they like walking and the outdoors.

I've written a lot so i'm going to stop here. Feel free to ask any questions. I've lived here for almost 15 years.

Hi, r/GSO! I may be moving to NC and was wondering what you residents think of the area?

If you like small cities then you'll probay like Greensboro. The downtown has been growing and there are more restaurants / bars / breweries than ever.

If your interested in the outdoors two great state parks atoe nearby - Hanging Rock and Pilot Mt. Both have great hiking and rock climbing.

We have a maker space called the Forge if that's your cup of tea.

The local restaurants are pretty great. In fact Hops Burger Bar was rated best burger in the country a few years ago by Trip Advisor.

Plenty to do for a small city. The Greensboro Science center is awesome. It has a ropes course, a small zoo, (there is a bigger zoo in the nerby town of Ashboro), and a lot of neat stuff. I personally love Box Car which is a Bar Arcade. It's a very large area and even when there are a ton of people it usually doesn't feel over crowded.

Kersey Valley is nearby which has ropes course, zip lines, laser tag, and escape rooms.

And like I said before we have a few local breweries and distilleries to check out too.

Hi, r/GSO! I may be moving to NC and was wondering what you residents think of the area?

I've lived here a year and a half and really like it so far, even bought a home. It's a solid small city-- plenty of great restaurants, a beautiful towntown area with historic buildings, pretty parks, VERY dog friendly, hardly any traffic, low cost of living, and within a few hours drive of both beaches and mountains. The people also are generally very friendly.

Least favorite part about the area is the abysmal wages for blue collar jobs. My SO has nearly a decade of experience with industrial and auto mechanic jobs in another state, and he hasn't been able to find anything paying more than $13/hr here. Anecdotal, sure, but I was shocked at the online job boards showing so many physically grueling jobs for $10-$12/hr.

If someone was visiting from out of state I would take them to the Greensboro Science Center (seriously cool) then take them to Lucky 32 Southern Kitchen for some high-end southern food.

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