Greensboro, North Carolina

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Young Professionals

The Downtown neighborhood and the surrounding area around UNCG are the best places to start your search for young professionals. The downtown area has been growing its base of restaurants, bars, and entertainment spots. The college area has plenty of inexpensive eats options and pubs and all of it is walkable for those looking to live where they work and socialize.

  • Downtown
  • UNCG Area

Charles Ayock


Charles Ayock is an interesting choice for those looking to live near downtown (just a mile) but who want a bit more quiet and more historic home options. The entire neighborhood is registered as a Historic District and the social options and Farmer’s Market and stadium means you have beautiful homes and a social and cultural scene within walking distance. Glenwood is a young, diverse neighborhood with cool creative boutique cafes, bakeries and shops, a beautiful park and community gardens for local greenery experiences. It also borders the UNCG campus for bucolic walks on the grounds.

  • Charles Ayock
  • Glenwood



While Greensboro doesn’t have a single specifically dense neighborhood for the LGBTQ+ community there are several that are the most populated. Downtown has a combination of great housing options and LGBTQ+ - owned and friendly business and nightlife. Glenwood probably has the highest percentage of the neighborhoods with LGBTQ+ community – cool housing and a creative culture and commercial district are a big draw. Finally the Sunset Hills neighborhood is a more upscale option with plenty of beautiful single family homes. It also has plenty of food and drink options within walking distance.

  • Downtown
  • Glenwood
  • Sunset Hills

Fisher Park


If you’re a family that favors living closer to the downtown action then check out Fisher Park first. It’s built around Fisher Park so outdoor play is a big benefit of the neighborhood. It’s also filled with beautiful single-family homes, and it contains and is close to some of the best schools in the city. Lindley Park is another great option, with historic homes from the turn of last century, great schools, churches, parks and community activities to make the families who live here feel part of a community.

  • Fisher Park
  • Lindley Park
  • Old Irving Park