Grand Rapids, Michigan

Beer City

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College Students

There is a huge nightlife hub in Grand Rapids, also dubbed “Beer City” and if you’re looking for a laid back, day-drinking, chilling with friends vibe, check out these neighborhoods:

  • Midtown
  • Eastown
  • Westend

West Grand

Young Professionals

Grand Rapids is a great alternative for anyone who graduated from a big 10 school in the Midwest and wants a city, but not a huge city like Detroit or Chicago. These neighborhoods have nightlife, are close to work, and have a variety of apartments and condos.

  • West Grand
  • Creston
  • Monroe North



Grand Rapids is an extremely inclusive city with tons of community-friendly spots. Downtown tends to be the center of the scene and is home to the Apartment Lounge, Michigan's oldest gay bar. The whole downtown is fun though with plenty of LGBTQ+-friendly entertainment, dining and boutique shopping all within a ten-minute walk. Dance clubs, karaoke, drag shows, and general fun, alongside plenty of apartment, condo and housing options makes it the first neighborhood to check out.

  • Downtown

East Grand Rapids

Young Families

Grand Rapids will give you a chance to start a family without giving up the excitement of a big city. There are plenty of areas that are under development and destined to be the new “it spots” in 5 or 10 years.

  • East Grand Rapids
  • Eastown
  • West Grand

Knapp Corners

Established Families

There are a ton of amazing neighborhoods with affordable housing and great yards. Grand Rapids has the perfect amount of things to do on the weekends, while also giving you that suburb feel.

  • Knapp Corners
  • East Grand Rapids
  • Garfield Park

Heritage Hill


Retirement never looked as good as it does in Grand Rapids. There’s enough to do that you will never get bored and family will be begging to come visit when they see how awesome the city is. You’re going to want great walkability, food options, and shopping.

  • Heritage Hill
  • West Grand
  • Midtown