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What's it like to live in Grand Prairie?

Grand Prairie?

GP is a long, narrow city. It stretches from South of Joe Pool Lake almost to 183. Most of the higher rent new construction is south of Camp Wisdom.

From there, Old South GP is what I would call the area East of Lake Ridge, East of 161, up to about 303. I think this area is still decent middle class stuff, but I haven't been in ages.

West of Lake Ridge to 360 up to 303 is the part I grew up in. It's mostly cheaply built cookie-cutter houses, primarily middle class but slipping, and rougher the further north you go.

By the time you get to 303 and north, there isn't much nice to see. I assume most of the residential is pretty bad. There are lots of old small business parks and warehouses. This is also home to a lot of big aviation business, though. Lockheed, Bell/Textron, and Vought all have large campuses in this area. Outside of these companies, the Verizon Theater, Lone Star horse track, and being close to GM and Arlington theme parks is about all I can say about it.

In my opinion, it's about average for mid-city and Dallas-bordering suburbs in most aspects.

Grand Prairie?

I live here and I enjoy living here in my neighborhood. 360/great southwest. Its not a super rich area but I enjoy it. My neighbors are the best and we all know each other on the street (culdesac). I'll probably move in a couple of years but I've enjoyed my 8yrs here. Especially as a starter house.

Thoughts on Grand Prairie?

I've lived in GP for almost 4 years now. I live close to main street in the historic old downtown. I love my century house. Love my area. We can walk to the farmers market on Saturdays. We're in the middle of the metro, so we can go anywhere pretty quickly. The price was right for us when we were house hunting. Luckily we bought when we did; we wouldn't be able to afford it if we were buying these days.

What is it like to live in Grand Prairie, TX?

It’s fabulous, we live right on the edge of Grand Prairie and Arlington- near Joe Pool lake. We can get to Dallas or Fr. Worth in less than 30 min, along with the Cowboys Stadium and Arlington Ballpark to watch the Texas Rangers. How Pool lake is less than a mile, along with the camp grounds, then there is Lake Arlington about 15 min away. Close to the mall- Close to everything!! There’s even 3 close waterparks, including one that in enclosed in case you want to go in the winter. Well love it here, it’s been 11 years!

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