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What's it like to live in Grand Forks?

**Moving to Grand Forks. Advice?
Was admitted to grad school at UND. I'm from PA and have lived in Buffalo, NY, so I'm familiar with cold weather, but otherwise, whats it like? Are apartments expensive? Is there any decent public transportation? As a grad student would I need a car?

If you're a former student, would you recommend living on or off campus?**

Any info you feel I could use before I start planning my move from Pittsburgh would be appreciated!

I would recommend living off campus. Housing is pretty cheap arond here, i pay 375 a month have one roommate and an extra room. I have never used public transportation but i know the busses run to the campus pretty regularly. I would advise a car though, depending on where you choose to live. Plenty of bike paths if you are into that kind of thing. 4 golf courses, a disc golf course plenty of bars. We have one of the better snow plow services in north dakota, so a car would be fine, thats what i drive.

Moving to Grand Forks. Advice?

Since I have lived there now for about 6 years, i'll give you some updates on this little ol' town.

Simplot still stinks

The Ralph still has an amazing atmosphere and now has Red Pepper locations inside (new this season)

River Cinema (the movie theatre on the east GF side) has expanded…and expanded. It takes up most of that little mall now and has somewhere near 20 screens now.

The Cuckoo's Nest is unfortunately closed for business. On the EGF side, restaurants like Whitey's is still around along with The blue moose. For /u/sabresword00, there are a bunch of cool bars and new restaurants in downtown Grand Forks and on the other side of the river in East Grand Forks.

There are even more Valley Dairy locations now

Great Wall Buffet is still open and have never actually been there, but I much prefer China Garden. They are my go-to for Chinese.

Other Things

The campus is now completely surrounded by apartment buildings, many built in the past 5 years.

For some reason (i'm guessing oil field workers somewhat), in the past 14 months, there are about 10 new hotels and 3 new apartment buildings along 42nd street south of demers. (it is no longer a stretch of road with nothing but the Alerus Center on it)

The law library is getting an expansion put on it. It is actually near completion. Wilkerson hall is also getting completely redone as well. Both projects are looking really nice and i'm kind of excited to see what they end up looking like.

Purely for /u/sabresword00

Take your idea of cold weather and throw it out the window. The winters here tend to be harsh, unforgiving, and extremely cold due to the Red River dragging down cold air from Canada. A lot of buildings on campus, though, are connected through tunnels or skyways including many of the atmospheric sciences buildings on the edge of campus.

On behalf of the University of North Dakota (I work for UND Athletics), welcome to our school. I wish you the best in your journey for your masters degree.

What does one do in the city of Grand Forks, North Dakota?

People like to shit on GF, but there's plenty to do in the winter. There's free snowshoe and ski rentals at Lincoln park. Ice fishing on the river, or the pond by South middle school. Ice rinks everywhere including town square. there's curling and Broomball leagues. There's the indoor water parks at choice fitness and canadinn. We have 2 axe throwing venues in town. There's lazer tag, trampolines, and an arcade at Northern air. the ND museum of art is always nice. Plus many more indoor sports leagues. And plenty of bars and restaurants. I've lived all over the country and I love it in grand forks. There really is so much to do here, you just have to get out and do it.

**Moving to Grand Forks
Hey all, I'm moving to Grand Forks next week for a new position. Coming from Southern Florida, so if anybody can tell me what to be prepared for or just what you all do for fun up there.


Grand Forks is city with some great places to eat. They have some places in or around town to fish the Red River. It gets really cold in the winter, but that's hockey season and you can't go wrong with going to a college hockey game. Have fun moving to "Pretty Much Canada".

Winter is long. Like..really long. Around the time you get sick of it you'll look at the calendar and notice it's only February.

A bunch of really great places to eat and hang out. It's a drinking culture up here so prepare yourself for that. Hockey games are a huge social event and the tickets are fairly reasonable. There's a bunch of lakes and rivers close by to fish at and the locals are fairly friendly. And if you desire a bigger city or some more options for concerts/sports/etc. Fargo is an hour south of us and Winnipeg is about 2.5 hours north (passport necessary, obviously).

What's a North Dakotan City Like? - Grand Forks, North Dakota

Join me in Grand Forks ND. It's technically a city but it just feels like a town. It's got it own government, bus system and airport.

#AskUND - What's it like to live in Grand Forks?
The University of North Dakota.