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What's it like to live in Frisco?

What is it like to live in Frisco, TX?

We moved to Frisco in 2005 when there was about 40,000 people and 2 high schools. Now there are 180,000 people and high school #10 opens in the fall. Yes, it has been crazy growth, which in and of itself poses challenges for infrastructure, but given that growth rate Frisco has done fairly well with city planning.

The school system is incredible offering almost unlimited opportunities for kids. Yes, it is competitive in both scholastics and sports, but the resources that are provided to kids is worth it. It is a small school concept to keep the teacher-to-student ratio manageable. There is a nice community college here with University of North Texas implementing plans to build a campus in Frisco starting in 2022.

There are LOTS of places to eat. Sometimes you think too many, but then you go to a restaurant and there is a lengthy wait to get a table. Lots of activities too. Sports a plenty with major league soccer, minor league baseball, the new Dallas Cowboys headquarters, high school football, G-league basketball, a new major league lacrosse team, and probably others I forgot. There are a few parks but we are still waiting on Grand Park which sounds like it will be awesome if we ever get it.

Very safe community with an active public safety presence throughout the city, volunteer opportunities galore, and numerous concert venues both inside and out.

What is it like to live in Frisco, TX?

It's fun, the weather is great most of the year, frisco is an up and coming town with tons of different things to do within the area, and even more in the surrounding areas, from being a hour away from downtown (if traffics not horrible) to half an hour away from lake white rock or lake grapevine, you also tend to find a mix up between stuff you only find on the east coast and stuff you only find on the west coast. Also the schools are some of the top schools in the country, I graduated from plano senior high and last I checked they were rated 2# in best public schools in the nation (#1 is Beverly hills high) and all the schools in the surrounding are just as great (planos better, sry I'm just biased on this one) and fyi plano frisco, allen, and Richardson tx are all right next to eachother, so there is an option in looking into it and if school for your kids is a deciding factor it gives you options if your wanting to live within a specific area in dfw. The downsides are housing and apartments are expensive, In the summer it gets stupid hot (hits upper 90s most of June july and August), driving around can be dangerious (especially if it just so happens to snow, because everyone thinks they can drive on the roads like its a normal day with top speeds in the 80s or 90s) and speaking of snow, if you get atleast an inch you'll watch the whole city shut down almost over night. There is also the drive to and from work, if you have work in dallas a 1 hour drive to work can become almost up to a 4 hour drive each way, along with a very intricate toll road system to watch out for. In short it's a great place to live, it has it's downfalls, but don't limit yourself to just frisco, look into all the areas in dfw and pick an area that's close enough to work that the drive won't kill you and your budget, if you have kids also look into all the schools in dfw, they are all top notch schools, and the best advice I could give you if you really want the full experiance is to go down to frisco or dfw for a week and check it out, get away from the tourist trap and go check out the local spots (stone brior district is the perfect spot in frisco just fyi) and see if you like it, if not then that's ok, Atleast you know from first hand rather than trying to take my word.
I have lived in plano and frisco for 3 years, graduated from plano senior high and spent most of my time in stonebrior district or at the amazing library in downtown frisco, I love the town and would move back in a heart beat.

What do you think about Frisco, TX, in regards of safety, raising family and house price?

I live in Frisco Texas. I feel safe in Frisco. The city has a low crime rate due, in part, to it being an upper income suburb. You can get an idea of crime reports from the city’s web site: Arrest & Incident Reports . House prices are higher due to demand. My house has gone up in value by 50% in the last 5 years. To get an idea of house prices, you can checkout Zillow: Real Estate, Apartments, Mortgages & Home Values and look for Frisco, zip codes 75033 and 75034. I raised my family in Plano and they turned out ok. Frisco has excellent schools. The only downside is that in public schools there can be a lot of peer pressure that focuses on material things so kids can get an inflated ego and a sense of entitlement but good parenting can compensate.

Thinking about moving to Frisco Texas, would love to hear your thoughts and experiences

So I moved here about 5 years ago from the suburbs of Pennsylvania with my wife (she is a hair stylist). Like you, I was tired of the winters and honestly just needed a change of scenery. We originally got an apartment in The Colony. We ended up choosing Frisco because we got a relatively inexpensive new construction home, but the property taxes have been pretty crazy since purchasing the home. We also now have a 2yr old daughter with a second on the way.

I 100% recommend just moving to the general area and getting a decent apartment for a year before you decide where you really want to end up. I would suggest looking into Frisco, Plano, Carrollton, and Addison. There are probably other cities/towns but all of those are near-ish to each other that it wouldn't make a huge difference IMO.

With regards to your concerns:

Traffic isn't terrible and it isn't great. Not the worst traffic I have seen. It primarily gets bad on the major highways going to/from Dallas.

I was concerned about this too. We get lots of ants, but nothing crazy. Apartment complexes will most likely have some sort of quarterly pest control for bugs and we pay for it now that we own a home, it's kind of a necessity. I was concerned about scorpions and tarantulas and what-not, but I haven't seen a single one since moving here.

There are definitely some nice very well manicured parks for short walks here and there. But definitely nothing like the huge state parks you will find on the East coast. I would say this is one of the things I miss most about Pennsylvania.

The humidity is not any worse than the worst summers in Pennsylvania. It's definitely a lot more noticeable the further South you go (ie Houston and Austin).

Another thing I have noticed since moving here is that there is literally nothing within driving distance vacation-wise. I found at least where I lived in PA it was pretty easy to drive a few hours or so and still have a good vacation. Here you definitely need to fly somewhere, or else your just stuck with vacationing in Texas.

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