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What's it like to live in Fresno?

What is it like to live in Fresno, CA?

I live in Clovis, which is basically Fresno but far superior in many aspects. Fresno in the summer feels like you're living on the planet Venus basically from early April until the end of October and we're now staying hot into mid November. If you're a fan of hot sunny weather, it's the place for you. I hate it. The town is overrun by graffiti and of course we have the adorable little scum bags, the Bulldog gang reeking havoc everywhere. We have absolutely horrible air quality all summer, bums begging for money on every major intersection, a minor league baseball stadium in the absolute worst part of town you can imagine, major car theft that ranks as one of the highest in the nation, a corrupt city council. And of course like the rest of this sterling state, we're in a drought of biblical proportion. Our farmers can't get any water because the leftists in Sacramento are more interested in protecting a six inch fish than get water to farmers. So yeah, it's a real panacea! If you're thinking of relocating here, take my advice and stay where you're at. Unless it's Detroit.

What is it like to live in Fresno, CA?

Ok, so everyone has already talked about the weather, so I won’t get into that again. Real estate is cheaper than most areas of the state, but still very high compared to national standards and lot sizes are getting smaller and smaller. The crime rate is getting worse with the passage of prop 47, lots of property crime. School districts are mediocre. Clovis Unified claims to be all that, but you will quickly find out that they are just really good at holding an image and teaching to the test. Fresno State is a great school and has a lot to offer. It’s underrated in my opinion for the quality of education you can get.

Let’s talk about Jobs. There are none. There are handful of professions in Clovis-Fresno and that is it. You will find Nurses, Teachers, Cops, Firefighters, Real Estate Brokers and Farmers in these parts and that is about it. The reason being is that we are an ag community and there are no companies here.

Air quality is horrendous. Every year it gets worse with the pollution from ag and the fires. Everyone here will eventually get some sort of cancer from chemicals and pollution.

As everyone else has said, the best part about Fresno is the proximity to other stuff, mountains, parks, beach, etc. Having been born and raised here, I’d suggest you avoid living in CA at all as the taxes and politics are getting worse, but if you do have to live in CA, then Fresno/Clovis is tolerable. Just make sure you live North of Shaw…. maybe even north of Herndon now.

How is Fresno as a place to live in?

Fresno is a lot better than what people say it is. Unfortunately, anything you ever hear is negative. I've had a few friends move here from the east coast or bigger cities like SF and LA, and they prefer Fresno over the big city life. They've also said it is a lot better than what they've heard. Look into Clovis as well. Both cities weirdly blend in together with how it's laid out and you won't be far as parts of Fresno are actually closer to Clovis than the heart of Fresno. To wrap up, it's not that bad. Give us a chance and buy into it, we may surprise you. Also, did any of us mention it gets hot here?

How is Fresno as a place to live in?

Honestly? It's a solid place to live. People from one to two towns over come here for entertainment.

Plenty of everything available.

Restaurants? Tons. Asian, Indian, Mexican etc. Very diverse city.

Movie theaters? Tons.

Malls? A good variety

Bars/clubs? Plenty.

Traffic doesn't come anywhere close to "bad" as big cities. It's got 3 streets that encompass everything really, Herndon, Blackstone and Shaw. If it isn't on those 3 it ain't real lol

Just live in a decent part of town and you're set.

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