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What's it like to live in Fremont?

What does reddit think about fremont ca?

I love this town. I really do it's a great place. Lake Elizabeth is great. It's a safe place. Good ethnic food. The people here are generally good and chill.

It's situated close enough to San Jose, Oakland and San Francisco that you can head out there for the day or the weekend by car or BART.

With that said I'm pretty recently graduated from college and a lot of times me and the friends end up going outside of Fremont for fun. If you're looking for an urban place to live then Fremont is not the place. It's about as suburban as it gets. good luck on the job hunt

Where to live in or near Fremont?

I lived in Fremont for two years in my late 20s. Fremont isn’t known for most things you’re into, but one benefit of the city is the location - you’re not far from all those things. There are a lot of hikes in the east bay just 20 min or less drive. Under 30 min to Oakland for breweries, outdoor hangs, live music. Under 30 min peninsula for the same thing (Foster City, San Mateo, Palo Alto).

I made lots of friends and drove to them. Fremont is good for being quiet, safe, and grocery stores with plenty of parking 😜

Where to live in or near Fremont?

Like others have said, Fremont is not really what you are looking for, since it's a quiet burby area for families mostly. When I read your description, I instantly think of Berkeley/Oakland which is unfortunately a little far. Fremont does, however, house one of the most popular trailheads around to hike up to Mission Peak. It's a 2k ft elevation climb with views of the bay, it also connects to further nature behind it. I have done a 30+ mile overnight hike starting in Fremont and ending near Livermore, which is rare for the bay. So if I had to live in Fremont, I would wanna live near that trailhead, but I am in suburb family mode right now, not young couple social scene mode.

Living in Fremont on $80K a year?

Hello! I’m in Fremont and around that bracket- some of the apartments could be a big chunk of your paycheck depending on the area in Fremont and your needs. If you don’t mind, you could rent a room in a house to save more money- that is what I am doing. I personally can’t say about public transport as I have a car.

What kind of gym are you looking for? There is fancy Bay Club for over $150/mo (tennis courts, swimming pool, extra fancy) or your typical 24hr for 50ish or cheaper if you get Costco deal for 2 years.

Edited to address life in that bracket in Fremont- I work from home so I save even more money so I’m not hurting at all. Depends on how you budget and if you have loans, etc. :) let me know if you have more questions, glad to help!

Pros and Cons of living in Fremont, CA