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What's it like to live in Fort Lauderdale?

How has it been adjusting to life in Fort Lauderdale?

I lived in the Midwest my whole life aside from a brief stint living in NYC. It took about a year or so to start really appreciating it. I like it more than the Midwest now. It’s much more expensive, but less than NYC obviously. Lot of walkable things to do and great weather 9 months a year (summer is brutal). If you like pools, beaches, and bars you’re going to love it. If you don’t drink or like water activities it’s probably more boring. People are on average more rude but there are chill people and shitty people everywhere.

How has it been adjusting to life in Fort Lauderdale?

I moved to Fort Lauderdale from Lampasas,TX population about 7k. I’m originally from South Texas. I moved here because my daughter and Granddaughter live here. It has been AMAZING! I live close to Las Olas in the downtown area. It’s been such an awesome change. I took up bike riding again (last time I rode a bike I was 17, I’m 50 now) I go to the beach at least 3-5 times a week. I enjoy all the things I dreamed of doing and when “the gloomies” come in I just remind myself, I’m in a vacation destination! I’m not rich by any means. It’s expensive here. But I learned to “kick rocks” and save gas. I downsized from a 3 bedroom/3 bath house to an efficiency and found out that I like small cozy places better. So there’s my 2 cents on the subject. I hope this helps.

How has it been adjusting to life in Fort Lauderdale?

I grew up on Cape Cod, close to the water, and moved to NYC after college for 5 years before moving to Miami for a year and settling in Fort Lauderdale for the past two. I'll echo the same that everyone else said, if you like the beach, water activities, and beautiful weather year round (better heat than snow imo) then you'll enjoy it here. I live over in Croissant Park and love how I can have the best of both worlds. the city is small enough where it's not overly busy, but enough of a buzz to be interesting. There's enough of a buzz to go out on Los Olas but you will run out of things to do rather quickly if you're a local. There's culture, but you need to know where to look.

I'm 10 minutes to some nightlife, 10 mins to the beach, 10 mins to most major highways, 10 minutes to the airport which is great that I can have FLL as my home airport and fly anywhere (mostly) in the continental US.

Fort Lauderdale works for my life, I love it here and I see myself building my life here for awhile. I just wish there was some better Public Transit in the city.

How has it been adjusting to life in Fort Lauderdale?

I moved from NYC [born and raised] to Miami at 21, and Miami to Ft. Laud at 25. Left at 29 for DC. Miami was a ton of fun. Wouldn't trade it for the world! Fort Lauderdale was nice to live in as a married person in my late twenties. I lived about five minutes from the beach so I would go nearly every weekend. I missed museums and stuff, obviously Florida has basically no "culture."

I still liked it though! It's a little slower paced in Fort Lauderdale, so depending on your age range, it's nice. I lived in Poinsettia Heights and loved it.

Obviously, coming from NYC, everything in Florida seemed cheap to me…

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