Fort Collins, Colorado

The Skiing Suburb

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Old Town

Young Professionals

Downtown is where all the youngsters start their search if moving to Fort Collins. The neighborhoods in this area include Old Town, which is filled with breweries, pubs, restaurants and walking access to the professional business district and the Colorado State University campus.

  • Old Town Fort Collins

Old Prospect


Old Prospect is another interesting choice for those ready to get away from the business of downtown/Old Town but still look for some commercial options. It pulls in a lot of families but is growing in popularity with singles and couples looking for the intersection of city and more rural outdoor spaces.

  • Old Prospect
  • Old Town

Fossil Creek


There are so many options for families in Fort Collins it is hard to narrow it down to a few. Old Prospect was just mentioned as a growing in-demand option due to its combination of outdoor spaces and restaurants, and boutique shopping. Fossil Creek is another interesting option with very cool eclectic homes at a range of different prices. The neighborhood has great schools and a passion for getting outdoors so families love raising children there.

  • Fossil Creek
  • Old Prospect
  • North Fort Collins