Fargo, North Dakota


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Young Professionals/College Students

Downtown Fargo is where the action is. They’ve made a huge push to make the area fun, with a big concentration of social options, cultural options and plenty of condo/loft and apartment choices all within a short walk from your social life and your workplace. The downtown area also has great green spaces for those who want to play outdoors and beautiful waterfront views so you don’t feel exclusively like you're downtown.

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Clara Barton


Clara Barton is a great neighborhood with nice older homes, tree-lined streets, extremely safe blocks and excellent public schools. Kids play in the yards, on the sidewalks and in the park without fear and parents feel comfortable raising their little ones there.

Hawthorne is another popular choice. It has extremely active community groups that support the schools, beautify the streets and protect the Southside Historic District that runs through part of the neighborhood. The area is well-known for excellent schools with the Hawthorne Elementary School and South High the most common choices for locals.

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