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West University

College Students

University of Oregon only houses around 17% of students and so the overflow fills plenty of neighborhoods around the school. South University gets more of the graduate student community. Single family homes and a relaxed chill pub and cafe vibe attracts older students, college faculty and families. Undergrads spread out in other neighborhoods including Downtown and West University.

  • West University
  • Downtown
  • South University


Young Professionals

West University pulls in a lot of young professionals, sometimes graduates who like being close to campus, and sometimes new professionals who want to be next to downtown but who like the outdoor recreation the neighborhood offers. Downtown of course is another popular choice with short walks to work appealing and the social scene of the area a powerful combination.

  • West University
  • Downtown

West Eugene


West Eugene is an ideal starting point for families who crave a more rural neighborhood feel. While there is a real commercial district here for shopping and entertainment, there are also working farms and huge city parks that give the kids a true “out-of-city” experience, all from within the city limits. If you’re craving a more urban family-friendly neighborhood then check out Jefferson Westside. Just north of downtown you get easy access to the most active parts of the city and amazing arts and culture right in the neighborhood.

  • West Eugene
  • Jefferson Westside
  • Santa Clara