Detroit, Michigan


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The Area

Detroit is situated at the southeast corner of the “mitten.” Yes, the mitten. It’s across the Detroit River from the neighboring city of Windsor, Canada. Connected by the second busiest international crossing in North America, the Ambassador Bridge. Unlike most large cities in the US, Detroit isn’t built like a bullseye with the city in the middle and a bypass surrounding it, but more like the spokes of a wheel. Detroit anchors the area on the Detroit River with highways spreading out north/northwest out from the city to the suburbs. It’s not abnormal to hear someone say “I’m from Detroit. Well, a suburb of Detroit,” as the suburbs of Detroit grew rapidly in the 90s and early 2000s.

Midtown Detroit

College Students

There are a ton of great areas in Detroit for that college/day-drinking/sports-watching atmosphere. Our suggestion would be starting in Midtown near Wayne State University. Living in midtown gives you walkability and access to other great neighborhoods like New Center, Corktown, and more. There are renovated apartments and while it might be a little bit more expensive than other areas, you can’t beat the amount of amenities you get.

  • Midtown
  • Downtown
  • Corktown

New Center Detroit

Young Professionals

Detroit is filled with young professionals. Both those who have lived in or near the city their whole lives or those that used to live in other suburbs of the midwest. No matter where they’re from, they’re all enjoying the nightlife, amazing food, and great neighborhoods the city has to offer. We suggest starting your search in New Center. It’s located just north of Midtown, which makes commuting downtown for work a breeze. There is a section of the neighborhood on Woodward and Grand Boulevard that has some great restaurants and bars, and during the summer you’ll see a ton of community events. It’s an area that’s growing and neighbors are super welcoming and friendly!

  • New Center
  • Corktown
  • Eastern Market



Anyone who is looking to settle down and start a family is going to have a great time in Detroit. There are a ton of houses you can purchase for much cheaper than other cities, as long as you don’t mind doing a little work. Our advice is to skip right to Bagley. It’s on the northwest side of Detroit and is known for its friendly atmosphere. You can find a tudor or colonial style home that will definitely fit your budget. Bonus of the neighborhood: It sits right next to a vibrant commercial corridor, the Avenue of Fashion, so you get the great homes and the walkability to local businesses.

  • Bagley
  • West Village
  • Morningside

Downtown Detroit

Empty Nesters/Retirees

Detroit is the perfect place to retire. We can see it now: breakfast pastries at Ochre before a walk or bike along the riverfront, a quick (not really) shop at Eastern Market, then dinner and drinks at Baobab Fare before strolling home. If this sounds like a perfect day, you need to move to Midtown. Packed with things to do and boasting incredible walkability, snag a condo and put away that snowblower for good!

  • Midtown
  • Downtown
  • North Corktown