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East Village

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The East Village is dubbed “the closest thing to Brooklyn that Iowa has ever seen”. It has over 200 shops, restaurants, boutique shops and wonderful condos and loft-style apartment living options. The entire neighborhood is walkable and with all the great options for eating, drinking and shopping you’re going to want to get out and make those walks.

  • The East Village
  • Western Gateway
  • Historic Court District

Sherman Hill


Sherman Hill is one of Des Moines oldest neighborhoods and it’s filled with artsy character. Beautiful historic homes surround one of the more interesting city centers in the region. Hoyt Sherman Place, originally a mansion, was converted into a theater, art gallery, and special events center, and it now serves as the most critical community space in this wonderful place. Those homes and that cultural center are also surrounded by cool boutique restaurants, cafes, and locally owned shops.

  • Sherman Hill
  • Historic Valley Junction

Sherman Hill


Des Moines doesn’t have a big LGBTQ+ community but it is concentrated in the Sherman Hill neighborhood. A draw for the straight community as well, Sherman Hill is filled with LGBTQ+ owned and friendly bars and restaurants as well as an active theater and arts scene.

  • Sherman Hill



If you’re looking for a neighborhood with character then check out Waterbury first. The majority of the homes were built before 1939, which means the architecture is historic and charming. The neighborhood is incredibly safe, and has an extremely active homeowners association that ensures cultural and community activities throughout the year. It also has public schools rated among the highest in the city.

  • Waterbury
  • Ingersoll Park
  • Salisbury Oaks