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What's it like to live in Denton?

Great Neighborhoods in Denton?

I used to live in Ballard and the U District. The area in Denton that has a dense walkable vibe is pretty small. I work at Ryan HS and it seems pretty good(I don't have kids so I don't keep track of education commentary). My friend subs around the district so she would have better knowledge of the district as a whole.

My breakdown of the neighborhoods:

Best - Contains the Square and the area where you don't have to cross a major road. Much of Denton's boutique business is here.

2nd Best - Nicer houses, fewer businesses. People say the folk around Quakertown Park are sketch but they got nothing on what I've seen in Seattle.

3rd Best - All housing. I'm going to guess you don't want the Fry St college vibe if you go further west.

(asterisk) - If you like speculating, this neighborhood might gentrify and new business could leap Bell Ave in 3-10 yrs. But if you are suspicious of poor people stay away.

And that's it. If you want other 'active and vibrant' places you'll be pretty close to Dallas or Ft. Worth. But I'd say there are lots of quiet places for that family life.

What’s it like living in Denton and NOT being in college or a recent grad?

I moved here in 2008 for college and stayed after graduation. I really didn't experience the city until I graduated and started actually seeing what the town had to offer. In college I stuck to going to chain restaurants and the square was not the place to be 8-10 years ago.

Since 2012, I've come to feel like part of a community that cares for the city we live in. Its big enough that there's plenty to do, see, and enjoy but not too small that it is boring or lack of new things popping up. It took some time to get situated and really feel like Denton was my home, but it's really worth it.

I like being a part of the arts community in town as well. Its so cool to see thriving and interesting artists around town and see those people making an impact in the community. Denton is great for grassroots things and community engagement.

Denton doesn't get boring for me at all. There's always an event, new restaurant, live music, and general entertainment to keep me satisfied.

One of my gripes with Denton is the housing market. Buying or searching for housing is crazy. Decent starter homes sell in days if not hours. There aren't enough homes on the market for potential buyers and its only getting worse.

Lastly, high paying job market is not great either. Tons of low level paying gigs, great for entry level or service work, but little in the way of experienced professionals and career goals. I hate having to commute to Dallas for work and would kill for something similar in town.

What’s it like living in Denton and NOT being in college or a recent grad?

It’s a great place to live and NOT be a college student! Tons of music, arts, good food, and community organizations to be involved in. People here are usually welcoming and have pride in their town.

Wanna run and drink beer? Wednesday nights at Oak Street.

Wanna hear world-class musician on tour? Check out Dan’s.

Interested in volunteering? Food bank, homeless shelters, Friends of the Family, etc.

Games at comic book shops. Sick-ass used book store (Recycled). Square to just hang out. It’s a great place to be a non-student.

Sorry to gush, I just love it here. (Non-college student resident for 15+ years).

What is it like to live in Denton, TX?

I moved t o Denton TX from Houston TX a year ago. I wake up every day and pat myself on the back for being a genius. Sometimes it takes a certain amount of suffering before one can enjoy the simple things. I have traveled 6 continents and more. Denton is a clean and friendly town. I don’t worry about my safety and I have never seen discrimination against minorities like I have in Houston.

Denton Texas Pros and Cons in 2023