Denton, Texas

The Home of Happiness

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Denton Square

College Students

We’ve been talking incessantly about the college culture of Denton and if you’re in school here there are tons of off-campus housing options in the “U” or downtown square areas. Additionally these neighborhoods are serviced by a stellar bus service that can deliver you to UNT or Texas Women’s College. Oh, and just in case it’s your kind of thing, in these neighborhoods you’re surrounded by bars, restaurants and places to hear music.

  • Denton Square
  • Fry St.
  • Pecan


Young Professionals

Not shockingly the same neighborhoods that work for kids at school are loaded with condos or apartments for young professionals that either work downtown or who want to be within walking distance of their local nightlife options. And Denton has lots of options for this crew. While they may not want to socialize directly with the 57,000 students, the kind of bars, restaurants, and music spots that attract the more mature students cross-over quite nicely to the professional set.

  • Downtown
  • Denton Square
  • North Locust

Rayzor Ranch

Young Families

Cities that are booming like Denton are busy building new inexpensive homes for and supporting young families with new inexpensive homes, and historic neighborhoods with smaller solid wooden homes with great school districts.

  • Rayzor Ranch
  • Carter


Established Families

One key ingredient for established families are excellent high schools. John H. Guyer high school is an excellent school on the south side of Denton. The neighborhoods surrounding that school, that benefit from proximity to Lewisville Lake, are great examples of the kind of beautiful homes, tree-lined streets, and plenty of parks and recreation that pull in families.

  • Ponder
  • Robinson Rd
  • Hickory Creek Rd
  • State School Rd