Danville, California

Safest City in Cali

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What's it like to live in Danville?

Living in Danville, CA

Is Danville secretly good?

Good neighborhoods, quiet and generally safe. Most people there are well-off but there are many who are just getting by trying to get their kids in that district too. Downtown Danville is quaint and has lots of boutique shops and restaurants but there isn't much outside of that. Some good hiking nearby and being close to Diablo is nice as well.

I wouldn't call it "Trumpville" or whatever the other commenter said. But there are lots of older white people who lean right. Of course, plenty of lefties to make up for it too. Either way, it's a nice area.

Is Danville secretly good?

I think it’s pretty sweet, especially the west side where the old downtown is, back in up to the Iron Horse trail. The east side gets into Blackhawk, with cheesy gated McMansions….but the west side along Hartz still has a great small town california feel. Definitely worth checking out on a Saturday. It’s definitely not big city life, but lots of people aren’t looking for that.

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