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What's it like to live in Daly City?

What’s it like living in Daly City?

Daly City is great. Climate change has (unfortunately) been good to Daly City. I think it’s had more sunny days in 2019 than San Francisco. Schools aren’t that great but I would guess they are about the same as those in nicer areas of hayward or San Leandro. Super suburban feel, lots of targets and Home Depot’s and Ross stores. West of 280 you are more likely to have raccoons bite you late at night walking your dog than be mugged. Super safe, especially near the Broadmoor area since they have their own police force.

What’s it like living in Daly City?

If you're used to the hot, dry, summers then you're going to be disappointed with DC. Like SF, DC also has micro-climates and some places can be more sunnier than others depending on where you're at. I was born and raised, so the best part of DC is that you're a stones throw away from SF without dealing with any of it's negatives. We have 2 (soon 3) Targets, a booming mall with Dave N' Busters, a mega theater, the beach, a great brewery, close access to freeways and BART stations. Its safe, very diverse, and as others have said the food is excellent in value.

Moving from San Mateo to Daly City?

Parking is probably my only complaint about Daly City. Parking does kinda suck in some areas because it’s so dense. People have extra cars but don’t absolutely NEED them. They’re just used to hold a parking spot.

The fog isn’t even bad. Yes, some days and worse than others, but unless you’re closing your eyes when you drive I don’t see why you can’t drive safe in foggy weather.

As far as the weather goes, it doesn’t influence my mood because after living here most of my life, I don’t even notice it. Of course, some days are colder than other, but that’s what jackets are for.

Not sure if this move to Daly City will help or hurt your wallet, but if I was in your shoes, if I didn’t absolutely NEED to find my own spot and if this would hurt my wallet, I wouldn’t do it. I’d prefer to invest any extra dollar I had.

What’s stopping Daly City California from being a wealthy city or being gentrified and re developed? Like The Westlake Terrace neighborhood bordering Pacifica, beautiful 2 story homes with stunning ocean views but I feel it’s so underrated?

I’d argue that it is being gentrified. Home values are high and maybe a whopping 5-10 houses are available in the Eastmoor/Hillside/Westlake/St Francis area.

There are a lot of nuclear families and folks who’ve owned for 30+ years so the turnover of wealthy families moving in is not happening very fast.

I live here and although it’s foggy, you get a lot of chill down to earth people. Nothing flashy and mind their business. It’s also nice being a part of San Mateo county for obvious reasons with easy Bart access to SF lol…

I’d say the one downside to Daly City is it’s fugly urban planning/dense housing design. There’s no consistency!

Living in Daly City