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What's it like to live in Corona?

Moving to Corona, tell me your opinion on the area I am moving into? and what good and bad areas around?

I lived there for my middle school and high school years and worked at the CVS so I have lots of experience there. It’s a wonderful area with kind people and plenty of convenient shopping centres. The bad area near by is this spot called Home Gardens. It’s not really dangerous but just not nice. Check out Chuze Fitness! Oh and go to Jono’s Japanese food. Yummy *edit just realized this is 43 days old awkward

Thinking about moving to Corona/Chino

Corona resident here!

Regardless of if you live here or in Chino, working on OC means you're taking the 91. I go to church in Chino/Chino Hills, and that's about all I know about over there, but I can give you some pro-tips about Corona…

Generally, the higher up the mountain you are, the nicer it is. Green River Road goes through to Foothill Blvd. now, which previously wasn't connected. From what I hear, it's actually really nice and has done a lot to reduce traffic (but it could also be that the entire place isn't one massive construction zone anymore).

This unlocks a lot of places you can live which there's currently lots of selling activity for around your price range. Look for properties as close to Foothill Pkwy as you can, closer to Mountain Gate even. New houses were built on Foothill closer to I-15, so you may want to look there too!

I do not advise, however, that you look any farther north than Ontario Ave.

Thinking about moving to Corona/Chino

We just bought a house in Canyon Hills (newer area in between Elsinore and menifee). We looked all over the i.e. Before we decided on this area so I can maybe lend some helpful perspective:

Corona area isn't that nice off green river, very hit or miss in the neighborhoods.

Chino area off Euclid is nice, so is everything newer off pine in the preserve. They built that area up like crazy. With your budget it might be tight, though.

The area north of the 91 off the 15 in corona called horse thief canyon (I think temescal canyon, too) is losing its Melo Roos these next couple years and is also very nice.

Newer Fontana is also very nice, north of 210 near 15.

I know you said you're shooting for a price range, but, with the Melo Roos in these areas taxes may go up to 2% plus, so it's hard to really gauge. I would start with those areas though and narrow down.

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