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What's it like to live in Citrus Heights?

What's it like living in Citrus Heights

I live in Citrus Heights and love it. Not sure where all these negative comments about CH are coming from. I work downtown and the commute general takes about 30-45 min depending on the time of day. In my neighborhood there is a good sense of community and friendship. The food may not be as good as downtown but it is sure as hell cheaper. There are some really good restaurants in the area as well. Roseville is right next door too. The nightlife obviously isn’t there but if you are in that next chapter of life then that’s a mute point. Not too mention there isn’t really a homeless population out here either.

What's it like living in Citrus Heights

Lived in CH for 10 years in 4 different areas of the city. Antelope/Van Maren, Greenback and Birdcage, Dewey and Greenback, Auburn and Greenback. My favorite of the 4 areas was the neighborhood at Antelope and Van Maren/Garden Gate, so right up behind Mesa Verde HS. Safe, relatively quiet, lots of families, kind neighbors. I think it's one of the better places to live in that area. Living off of Greenback just kinda sucks no matter what end you're at, especially closer to Auburn, or even worse, by the mall. I never hated living there, but I didn't love it either. Citrus Heights is just, meh. Live in Carmichael now and it's a little bit better, but ironically we go to Citrus Heights now if we need to go to Walmart or Target or something, lol.

What's it like living in Citrus Heights

Definately a lot of Trumpers but CH is so spread out, we dont run into them except at the stores or sometimes a bumper sticker here or there. Still though, I think more people here are accepting and open minded than not. Plus, as ppl get priced out of midtown/downtown, its only going to get more diverse over the next decade. I grew up in FO and as a kid my biggest complaint was that it was boring… looking back and considering how things are now, boring might not be the worst thing in the world. My wife grew up in Salinas and after seeing/hearing her experience, I see now that I was quite lucky to grow up in this area.

So, I think its a great place to raise a family. However, if you’re not done with the city life, I could see CH being a bit dull. Im 35 yrs old and even tho we dont yet have kids, I was def ready for a quieter life.

We are left to ourselves here and can afford a much better place than we could elsewhere. I dont regret moving back here.

And restaurants… well, they just got closed down again. Id rather make dinner w my wife here any day. And there are certainly a few really good ones. If you crave constant ‘newness’, CH might not be your thing.