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Gaslight District

Young Professionals

The Clifton Gaslight District, just north of downtown, is a cool spot to start your search for a neighborhood to live in. It’s near the UC campus so there’s plenty of bars, good interesting eats, a movie theater and boutique shopping. The housing off of the main commercial streets are really interesting as well. Historic homes that house students, professors and young professionals mean you don’t have to live in a high rise apartment building to call this area home.

Downtown is another interesting option. Close to a lot of the companies in the city, so walking to work becomes your new best friend. It’s also surrounded by bars, restaurants and the stadiums and ballparks of the sports teams, so good choice if you want the social scene but also want an extremely high walkscore for your apartment/condo.

  • Gaslight District
  • Downtown

East Walnut Hills


East Walnut Hills is a good spot for those who still crave a social scene but are looking for something a bit more upscale and a bit less noisy or crowded. Just ten minutes from downtown, the area has nice restaurants, cocktail bars and breweries, and more chill coffee and neighborhood hangouts when it’s one of those lazy days.

  • East Walnut Hills
  • Hyde Park
  • Mount Adams



Northside is the neighborhood in Cincy most noted as welcoming to the LGBTQ+ community. It really started in the 80’s when historic but aging homes in Northside were depressed in prices and LGBTQ+ community started buying them up, renovating and creating infrastructure and support events and groups in the neighborhood. This led to the area hosting the Pride Parade and Festival, and a number of different boutique shops, restaurants and bars that are owned by and cater to the community.

  • Northside

Hyde Park


Mount Lookout is a great place to start a search for families. The homes are beautiful, but by national city standards, reasonable. It has some of the best schools in the city and maybe more interestingly it has seemingly nonstop festivals for kids and grownups including the big Fall Festival - with pumpkin carving, costumes and prizes! There is also a massive park with trails for biking, hiking and running, playgrounds, ball fields, gardens and stunning views of the city. Right next to Mount Lookout is Hyde Park - another great option for families. Incredible schools, a great mix of big historic homes and modern condos if you’re looking for something that takes less work, and tons of things for families to do at the parks, playgrounds and Observatory that are all walkable within the neighborhood.

  • Hyde Park
  • Oakley
  • Pleasant Ridge
  • Mount Lookout