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What's it like to live in Chula Vista?

Chula Vista - What's the catch?

The better investment would actually be west of the 805. Chula Vista is unique in that it is one of the only west coast cities where prices actually get cheaper the closer you get to the water. And now with the new resort and convention center plans on the bay front, that will increase the costs in the area.

East of the 805 is very nice, and cheap relative to other area of the county when you take into account the low crime rate and great education. Anywhere in Chula Vista / Bonita would be great, but the Eastlake and Otay areas are a little far from non toll freeways so commuting can be a pain.

Chula Vista - What's the catch?

Most of the feedback here has been for East Chula Vista, I reside in West Chula Vista and can provide additional insight. My house is considered “coastal”, I sit high enough up on a hill and have a 180 degree, unobstructed ocean view from Mexico to Coronado/Downtown. I get a great coastal breeze and usually feels 5-6 degrees cooler than East Chula. I don’t have an HOA or Mello roos either which is a plus but can also be a negative if you’re neighbors don’t maintain their home.

Downtown 3rd Avenue has been growing over the years with many new breweries, restaurants etc. There is also a waterfront expansion project coming in the future too. I do appreciate that I have easy access to either the 805 or 5. That being said, my commute used to suck every single day. To and from mission valley. I am lucky enough now to be fully remote and no longer have to worry about that.

Chula Vista - What's the catch?

I think it's a gem. Sandwiched between San Diego (to the North and South). Plenty of places to go. I feel largely safe. Kids go to good schools. It's quiet and friendly. Plenty of parks and trails to enjoy. Beaches are very close (in my opinion). Mexico, the desert, the mountains and coast are all close enough to enjoy. I have a family, so it is very ideal for me. But maybe the one catch is that it needs more jobs to be attractive for young professionals. Unless you want to work for big box stores, fast food or a medical profession (servicing the community), I really don't see a lot of options for work, leaving many choices requiring a commute to San Diego. I see a lot of families and older people but many of the 18-30 year olds may feel like it's too slow, not enough of a nightlife, and/or not a lot of local career opportunities

What are the best aspects of living in Chula Vista, CA as a young adult?

I have lived here for almost 28 years and like many have been commuting to San Diego for work. Chula Vista is great for raising a family. It's definitely different than places south of it like South San Diego, Imperial Beach and San Ysidro and from places north of it like National City. It has the usual grocery stores or health stores like Sprouts and Grocery Outlet, great for low cost organic food and specialty grocery stores like Northgate Market. It also has authentic Mexican restaurants and bakeries like La Moreliana plus great Chinese restaurants. There are also some fabulous restaurants like D’Lish if you like homemade pasta, the famous Tacos El Gordo if you like delicious tacos, various great seafood places, etc.

Chula Vista Middle School and Chula Vista High School are Schools for the Creative and Performing Arts offering students the opportunity to learn many valuable skills like guitar, dance, drama, orchestra, band, and art. Mario Lopez is a graduate from this program.

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