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What's it like to live in Burlingame?

Should I move to Burlingame or Mountain View?

I don't know your criteria. But here I go.

Burlingame is a small town. Has a real small time vibe adjacent to an International Air Port. Traffic is always light except at the railroad crossing on Broadway. And there are two main roads. El Camino and California Drive and they run parallel to each other north-ish and south-ish. Thats pretty much it. All other roads criss cross between those two main roads. And I think Toursdale Dr. is part of Burlingame also. But that road just takes you between 280 and 101 and a bunch of homes along a hill.

They have some high end car dealerships in the area (Porsche, Audi, BMW, and 3rd party car shops). Mainly along California Dr. The main businesses are along Broadway and Burlingame Ave. There are no businesses (except by Millbrae there is a plaza) on El Camino Real because it narrows to 4 lanes with no street parking and the roads are uprooted by the tall redwoods on that road. So people drive slower in the rain there because the roads tend to flood there and such.

There is surprisingly an Apple Store in Burlingame.

There is a mix of restaurants in Burlingame. None of them are chain restaurants besides Crepevine which I believe is a bay area chain of family owned restaurants. Actually Mountain View also has a Crepevine Restaurant. There is a Lobster Seafood eatery (really good), a Benihana, 2 - Dim Sum Restaurants, and there used to be an Elephant Bar Restaurant (American chain restaurant now bankrupted). *** I guess Panda Express is the only chain? I don't count Starbucks because they are everywhere….

And that is pretty much Burlingame. If you want Chinese food it is right next door to Millbrae. And next door in San Mateo are more Japanese restaurants along with a good mix/variety of non chain restaurants. Of course there is a Chipotle and Halal Guys. But mostly family owned restaurants in San Mateo.

Considering a move to Burlingame.

Answer 1:
Burlingame is amazing. Old school money so its not as flashy, good food, beautiful homes, central to everything on the peninsula and you can escape east via the San Mateo bridge. I grew up on the peninsula and lived here for 30 years. Always been priced out of Burlingame, but it and woodside are my two favorite communities.

Edit: also, you can actually get to parts of the city faster from Burlingame than if you live non centrally in SF.

Answer 2:

Moved to Burlingame from Southern California 4yrs ago. Lots of residential bike paths and parks. Great weather. A lot of restaurants and bars in both downtown areas. Very quiet at night because everything closes early. I can’t speak to gay friendly—somewhat conservative for the Bay Area but I do not think it’s a problem at all.

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