Burlingame, California

Tree City

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Burlingables (Oak Grove Manor)


Burlingables is perhaps the hottest neighborhood in the city. Families love it for plenty of reasons including: it’s just a short walk to Burlingame High School, the city's excellent public high school option. It also wins on walkability to Burlingame Ave’s downtown area and the Caltrain station. You can keep the car parked for long stretches here, which makes it a real outlier for peninsula neighborhoods. Finally, Burlingables is home to Washington Park, the oldest park in the city and one of its best (maybe the best?). It’s a year round center for community recreation with hundreds of classes and events both in and around the new Community Center. It offers tennis courts (and YES, even pickleball courts!!!), baseball fields, soccer, doggo play area, basketball, kiddo playground and plenty of open grass to play or relax amidst the stunning trees.
Combine the amenities, the walkability, the beautiful tree-lined streets and classic Burlingame homes and you get one of the more desirable areas of the city. That’s reflected in the $2.6m average home price in 2022 and the fact that homes rarely come on the market here. Check out where Burlingables sits on the map of Burlingame.

Burlingame Gardens


Burlingame Gardens is another neighborhood prized for its walkability to Burlingame High School and the Broadway downtown area. It’s also popular due to its availability of “starter homes” for families looking for a break from the insanity of other neighborhoods in the area. Now we use that starter home expression lightly as it’s media price tag is still ~$1.8m but that means you can find a home or two in the ~1.5m-$1.6m range if you’re persistent. For a city like Burlingame that’s considered a remarkable bargain, no matter how silly that might sound. In addition to being close to Burlingame High School you’re also near McKinley Elementary, a great school to get the kiddos started off right.

Burlingame Gardens runs along 101 which either makes it too noisy for some or the best of all possible worlds to others, by making your commute to 101 extremely quick. Being on the eastern side of Burlingame also puts the Gardens neighborhood closest to the Bay. If you’re into water sports this will come in handy. Check out the neighborhood on google maps.

Easton Addition


Easton Addition is the city’s signature neighborhood. No area is more picturesque, with a mix of classic bungalows and Arts & Crafts cottages and majestic Victorians, all surrounded by the most beautiful Eucalyptus, Oaks, Maples and Pine trees that line the stunning blocks. They don’t call it Tree City for nothing.

Unlike other luxurious neighborhoods in other cities, this one is also easily walkable to the commercial district of Downtown Broadway. That’s an unusual mix more typical in college towns. The neighborhood has a number of parks and to some best of all, it is home to the architectural beauty, the Burlingame Public Library.

Median home prices are ~$3.5m and good or bad news, depending on your pov., while other neighborhoods lost value during covid, Easton Addition actually gained value. Check out where it sits in the city on google maps.