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What's it like to live in Burbank?

How affordable is Burbank? Do you recommend living there?

I've worked in Burbank for 16 years, met my husband here, and gave birth to our daughter here. I love this area. Burbank has the best breakfast burritos. Corner Cottage and Larry's Chili Dog are both outstanding and very similar, but there's usually a line for Corner Cottage every morning. Sotta is fantastic mediterranean. There's a big food truck thing on Magnolia Blvd. on the last Friday of the month called Magnolia Park Night Out. The AMC 16 theater has both IMAX and Dolby Cinema screens. The LA Zoo is just south of Burbank. Couple of good bars in the area like Tony's Darts Away and Chained Rabbit (I met my husband at The Blue Room, but that's a bit on the dive-y side). The one and only Ikea in all of Los Angeles is here as well. If you like biking or jogging, the Chandler bike path is nice.

How affordable is Burbank? Do you recommend living there?

Can't go wrong with Burbank, I grew up there. It has become a lot more expensive over the years, but if you can afford it and don't mind a bit of a dated spot then I'm sure you can come across something in the 1,500ish range for a 1 bedroom. This is a city you can go out at night and feel completely safe. Same with Glendale which is right next to Burbank.

North Hollywood has its good and bad spots, definitely avoid the NoHo arts district and trying to find an apartment that borders Burbank would be your best choice there.

Encino is a great city too, depending on what area it might be a bit more expensive but worth checking out as well. A little further from Burbank and next to Sherman Oaks (which is another good spot, but tends to be more expensive and a busier area).

All areas are dog friendly, but not all apartments. You can probably find a dog friendly park nearby too.

In terms of homes, you mostly likely won't come across anything under that 700-800 range that won't require work.

Animators is Burbank a nice city to live in your opinion?

I've lived in Burbank for several years and I like it. As others have said, it's a bit on the quieter/more residential side but I kind of appreciate that? I'm kind of on the southwest end of Burbank (close to the Warner lot), so my apartment is on a quiet, more residential kind of street but is also within 10 mins walk of shops/restaurants on Riverside, which I like.

It's also pretty convenient to get down into Hollywood, or over to Pasadena, Glendale, Los Felis, etc. Griffith Park is close, and there are some mountains with hiking trails nearby as well. The mall in Burbank is definitely a bit underwhelming, but the downtown area around San Fernando can be fun to walk around.

North Hollywood and Glendale are also both really good options, and still convenient for all the animation-related locations. North Hollywood, especially right around the metro station, has a bit more of that "things to do" vibe that you might be looking for.

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