Buffalo, New York

The Comeback City

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Young Professionals

Downtown is the place for those looking to live large and get out at night. Tons of interesting restaurants, bars everywhere, dance clubs, coffee shops, and all the performing arts options the city has to offer are walkable from the condos/apts that line Downtown streets. Elmwood Village is another active option, rich in music and art, with tons of galleries, boutique restaurants and cafes, and direct access to the Buffalo State sports arenas.

  • Downtown
  • Elmwood Village

Black Rock


Black Rock is an interesting option for those looking for a neighborhood that has a mix of urban and suburban vibe. Live music, great innovative restaurants and tons of studios and galleries if the arts are your thing. It also has cool housing options but less of the nuttiness of Downtown for those looking for social options without the density of that neighborhood.

  • Black Rock
  • Central Park



Allentown is one of the most LGBTQ-friendly neighborhoods in Buffalo. Amazing homes, painted in cool colors, are like works of art themselves. Surrounded by a quirky arts and music scene, the neighborhood is also filled with cool restaurants, bars and clubs that serve the young and LGBTQ+ community.

  • Allentown

South Buffalo


South Buffalo is where you should start your search if a suburban vibe within city limits is your goal. Family homes dominate the housing options but you also get some nightlife to keep things interesting. It's more of a beer at a pub neighborhood than a downtown club kinda thing but more important you have beautiful outdoor areas, including two designed by Frederick Law Olmsted, who created the plan for NYC’s Central Park. Great homes, an outdoors haven, good schools and just enough social options to keep things interesting.

  • South Buffalo
  • Kenmore