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What's it like to live in Bozeman?

What's it like to live in Bozeman?

When it comes to outdoorsy stuff, Bozeman is an excellent choice. Close to Bridger bowl for easy ski access, close to various mountain ranges for hiking, and close to many bodies of water for your choice of enjoyment (fishing, kayaking, etc.). I have been here for a year now and have only hiked one trail twice (I hike nearly every weekend).

When it comes to working in Bozeman, where you come from plays a big part. I came from a big city so I find Bozeman to be really great in terms of traffic/commuting. The townies bitch about traffic but they have no idea what real traffic is. Downtown is fun, and you can usually find parking near your destination.

Food is… well not very diverse. Burgers and Pizza are the norm. There is a half decent sushi place (Dave's sushi), decent fried chicken (Roost), and semi decent chinese (Hong Kong City). Don't expect a good mexican restaurant.

MSU is great as well. Similar to Bozeman - the campus is not diverse at all. However, the faculty and staff are very welcoming and students do well. Parking is abysmal at the university.

Cost of living in Bozeman is high considering the inordinate amount of money required for rent. Additionally, if you have pets then you are screwed in the affordable housing market. Very few apartments allow pets and if they do, they'll charge you a ridiculous sum for "pet rent". I opted out of living in Bozeman and I chose to commute from Belgrade (10 miles down the highway). Totally worth it since I could find affordable living and the commute isn't bad at all (20 minutes to get to MSU).

Winter driving is precarious given the fact that Bozeman doesn't plow very much at all. Expect Icy roads and white out conditions some days. However, a good pair of snow tires can fix all of this (or not driving like an ass hat).

What's it like to live in Bozeman?

Jeez, there sure seems to be a bunch of negativity in this thread. I suppose it’s all relative— I’m from a tiny town in the Midwest and have been in Bozeman for about a year and half, and I find this place to be a rad place to live. As many before me stated, most folks seem very friendly, the outdoor activities/opportunities are nearly overwhelming, and I find it to be a great halfway point between a town and a city. Yeah, rent’s going up, but that’s to be expected. Before I moved here I was told Bozeman would blow up, and it has, I think some people are just so hesitant to accept that.

Moving to Bozeman, what to Expect [MOD MEGATHREAD]

Yeah so cost of living vs wage has a huge gap; if you work in town, you'd be lucky to make enough to live on your own or with a partner. I'm not sure the average, but I see starting wages for places like fast food and grocery stores at a measly $12-14/hr. Some places offer less but try to offer other incentives. The average cost of a single room is often $600-$700/month, sometimes more, and that's with 2-4 other people. Pet rent is more and more common, with an average of $50-$100/month per pet! If you're moving here from out of state and work from home (so don't need a local job) you seem to be better off (but unfortunately are unintentionally contributing to the housing crisis we're experiencing). Also, it's more and more common for home-owners to want to sell thier rentals right now, to make lots of profit in the booming market, which means as a renter, you could be scrambling to find a new place within as little as a month (though hopefully you would get more time).

If you want to buy (please don't, unless you plan to rent out to locals long term), the new median cost for a single family home is over 600k. And they're still being sold way over asking price, site unseen, regardless of repairs/issues.

And if you're from somewhere warm, and haven't experienced a real winter, then you're in for a treat. Bozeman gets a lot of snow, but it also gets a lot of sun, which I find makes for lovely winters. Lots of snow also means cold. You need warm and dry clothes, and you'll need to wear them all season. As for driving, if you do any traveling, even day-to-day cross town, you absolutely need winter tires. This is a separate set from your bald summer ones, and they need to be put on every winter and taken off every summer. All season is fine if you mostly plan to drive in town or on highway, but good luck getting up into say, Hyalite without lots of fishtailing and maybe a trip to the ditch. Good tires, coupled with an All-wheel or 4-wheel drive vehicle, is your ticket to success. You WILL slide out dangerously at least once if you try to drive in slippery snow in rear wheel drive and/or summer tires. Choose wisely.

You'll almost certainly end up in Belgrade if you're not one of them "problem makers" who can afford 700k for a house here in town, because they are marginally more affordable over there. But then you have to live in Belgrade. Which is booming with overflow from people who can't afford to live directly in Bozeman, but still drive 15-30 minutes one way to work each day, and is very quickly becoming just as popular and expensive.

What is it like to live in Bozeman, MT?

Truth being told it all matters what you are looking for. I moved to Bozeman over 4 years ago. I had a contract that ended and took off. I wanted the beauty Bozeman had to offer. I had never been here (or anywhere west of Indiana) and decided to see what it was like. It is a town with amazing views. I have lived in Buffalo NY, Michigan and Ohio before this. I wanted to slow down. Less stress that places like Detroit bring. It is a great atmosphere. People here go out of their way to help you when needed and they never ask for anything in return. Trust me being in Detroit, people always want something in return. I guess my advice is if you are looking to slow down from the big city environment come here. People who love places like Chicago or San Francisco probably won’t like it. I love it here. I moved here about 10 years after I got divorced and never had truly found a home (moved about 20 times in 10 years) and I finally have. I would definitely recommend moving here but my past is different then yours so it is a decision only you can decide.

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Pro: The scenery is absolutely stunning. Bozeman Montana is nestled in the Rocky Mountains, so you’ll have access to some of the most beautiful scenery in the country.
Con: The winters can be very cold and long. Bozeman Montana gets an average of six feet of snow each winter, so be prepared for some frigid temperatures.