Boulder, Colorado

The People's Republic Of Boulder

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Young Professionals

Young Professionals flock to Downtown Boulder with around 25% of the populace between 22 and 29 years old. It can be expensive to rent the apartments but you get no commute so most consider it worth the price. This is the densest concentration of bars and restaurants in the city as well as a busy business district so most can find a way to keep everything within walking distance for work and play.



Whittier is another area young professionals choose when they’re ready to get out of Downtown but still want to live within walking distance from downtown and have a commercial district of their own. In the case of Whittier you get lower housing prices than the west side of downtown but the same access to bars and restaurants as the rest of the city with less of the racket. While it has apartments for rent, it also has townhomes and single-family homes should you be looking to upgrade from your first apartment.

  • Whittier
  • Wheat Ridge

Mapleton Hill


Mapleton Hill is one of the first neighborhoods in Boulder and the majority of homes are big beautiful Victorians. It is a historic district so development is restricted in case you’re thinking about a massive renovation. Most consider the restrictions worth it though to be in the area, just blocks from Pearl Street, low crime rates and great schools. The Newlands is another great option for younger families who want their neighborhood part of the great outdoors. In the northern section of the city, Newlands is just east of Mount Sanitas so you get amazing mountain range views and

  • Mapleton Hill
  • Newlands
  • Wonderland Hills