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Young Professionals

Downtown has three pieces to it: “just downtown” nicknamed BoDo, West Downtown and Central Downtown. All three are great choices for young professionals with nightlife, museums, theaters for movies, concerts and live festivals, cafes, boutique shopping, foodie restaurants, and tons of bars. Combine this amazing combination of social and cultural scene with lots of condo and apartment living options and any of the three will fit the bill for most youngsters.

  • BoDo (just downtown)
  • West Downtown
  • Central Downtown

River Myrtle / Old Boise District


Old Boise District is an interesting option for someone looking to make it happen in a neighborhood on the rise. It was the original commercial district south of downtown, it fell into hard times, but the River Myrtle renovation project included Old Boise. If you’re interested in being near but not quite in Downtown, and willing to develop a cool Victorian home or live in a brand new Loft/Condo building surrounded by small, locally owned shops and restaurants this would be a good choice.

North End


North End is the neighborhood most popular with the LGBTQ+ community in Boise. Home to many community residents as well as a number of gay bars, it has a great outdoor scene - green spaces, including Hyde Park, and trails for hiking, biking and walking and tons of trendy restaurants, galleries and shops.

The Highlands


The Highlands is a great starting point for families looking for neighborhoods. It's in the middle of the city and home to great public schools and has several amazing parks in Owens, Hillside and Catalpa where the kiddos have plenty of room to play. It has a huge shopping center with cafes, restaurants and retail, and a great golf club for those looking for hitting the links. Barber Neighborhood is another great option considering the quality of the public schools kids attend here. That makes it a big draw alone, but when you add in access to the Oregon Trail Historic Reserve, Barber Park and the Greenbelt you find it one of the best places to live in Boise for outdoor activities.

  • The Highlands
  • Barber Neighborhood
  • Geleker Lane/Linden Street