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What's it like to live in Bennington ?

Moving home to Vermont - how’s Bennington these days?

Bennington has developed a huge drug problem. Almost daily someone is ODing. I don't recommend Benninton proper but Shaftsbury and Arlington are better for living while working in Bennington.

The one nice thing about Bennington is there is a lot a short drive away. Crossgates Mall, Colonie Center Mall, plenty of food variety.

Bennington itself doesn't have much for night time activities either. Pretty much just a bunch of bars.

Moving home to Vermont - how’s Bennington these days?

Lived in downtown bennington for a year before buying a home in a nearby town. The town is lovely to visit but has a a colorful crowd of locals to say the least. I moved from a city of about a million and Bennington had them beat in riff-raff street people. Lots of families, but an equal amount of drug-addicts or people who were…slow… my current neighbor jokes constantly about the local incest and people who live off the state for generations. Now I'm no snob, I'm not uppity… that's just how bad these people are; it's really hard not to judge or to be made uncomfortable by at least one person when you're walking down the street. However, still totally reccomend the general area, it's absolutely beautiful, plenty of quaintness and nature spots, and Bennington itself has a lot of shopping options compared to other areas. Plenty of community options if the church, artisan, brewery, magic the gathering, or yoga culture is your thing. Personally I have yet to make a single friend. Every local business owner I've met has been A+. There is also 0 options for housing here currently, though that's probably covid related as for the last few years that I was looking I found some good rentals and plenty suitable homes for sale.

Moving home to Vermont - how’s Bennington these days?







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2 yr. ago
Bennington has been on a long decline for decades similar to other larger VT towns that relied on manufacturing. The center of town has a lot of low income folks and a notable drug problem. Not has much drugs or crime as Barre, Rutland, or Brattleboro, but it’s pretty visible. That said the downtown is on the upswing and has a lot of new businesses and construction happening.

Not a bad place to live especially if you’re outside of the immediate downtown area - I live in the outskirts. North Bennington is an awesome vibrant village with a very tight knit community; highly recommended esp for young families.

When was the last time you were in WRJ? It’s improved substantially in the past 10 years.


I’ve been living in North Bennington for two months, and I’m loving it, people are very nice, everyday I take walks to the Mile around trail and Lake Paran Trail to Robert Frost House Trail. I recommend Kevin’s sports Bar food. I’ve been to downtown Bennington and found a lot of activity and places. Also went to Manchester and its very beautiful (30 min drive) also Albany (50 min drive) where you can find bigger events. I’m also a video producer so right now a I’m looking for different options of job opportunities. Maybe in a few months I can tell you more info but definitely I recommend you to visit Bennington.

Are you interested in living in Bennington VT but you're having trouble finding much information on it? Well this is the video for you! I'll be giving a brief history of Bennington, going over the amenities, the schools, the neighborhoods etc. and then stick around to the end to hear about Bennington's crime & drug rates and other cons. Throughout I'll be showing footage from my drone, and footage from driving around in my car to give you a good idea of what the Bennington VT area looks like.