Bennington , Vermont

The Bennington Triangle

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Young Professionals

Bennington doesn't draw a huge population of young professionals but those that do live here gravitate to Downtown. The revival of the city is centered here and it's where you find the densest concentration of condo/apartment options, historic cultural/entertainment options like the Oldcastle Theater, the Bennington Museum, the Bennington Battle Monument, and finally it is the heart of the bar and restaurant scene so you can walk to party and recreate and never need a car.

  • Downtown

Old Bennington


Old Bennington is the historic district in the city. It's dominated by older classic New England architecture homes but also has newer construction housing if you prefer. If you crave proximity to downtown but want the beautiful homes, brick sidewalks and classic tree-lined streets of early Bennington then this is your neighborhood. You get easy access to the best of boutique shopping, eats/drinks and great recreational options.

Check out North Bennington if you're looking to be more removed from Downtown. It has very quiet, tree-lined streets, big reasonably priced homes, easy walks to public schools, and tons of parks and trails for you outdoorsy types.

  • Old Bennington
  • North Bennington
  • Southshire