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What's it like to live in Belmont?

How is Belmont area for family?

The Belmont/San Carlos areas are both very nice areas. Centrally located between San Francisco and San Jose makes it a good commute location. Also close to Highway 92/84 for those going to the East Bay. Weather is also nice as it’s warmer than SF on average but not as warm as San Jose. Schools are also very good and relatively low crime.

Belmont doesn’t really have a Downtown with most restaurants on El Camino or off Ralston. San Carlos has a small main drag, Laurel which has restaurants and shops.

For both cities the cost of housing is cheaper as on east side of 101 and generally more expensive as you move towards 280.

Additional Note:
I live in belmont (close to san carlos) i agree with everything above. You wont hear much about this place because there are not many young people living here. My wife and I are the only millennial living on my street.

How is Belmont area for family?

We love Belmont for our family, the schools are great and it feels safe. We moved here in 2014 and have seen it change a lot. Our street has gone from nearly no kids to about 1/3 of the houses selling to families. A lot of Belmont is older people who have lived here for 50+ years but it's changing as people pass/move and younger families are moving in. I think in 5-10 years it will look a lot more like San Carlos. The downtown area is being expanded with new construction across from the train station so it will be interesting to see what happens with that, hopefully not just chain stores. My kids play soccer for Belmont United which is an awesome soccer club with a really great approach to youth sports (growth over winning). I see the mayor and city council members out and about and it's great to be able to be close to the community politics and feel like you can easily be involved if you want. Cons for Belmont is not having a true downtown like San Carlos or San Mateo (restaurants are few, no real cafes, etc); a lot of it is hilly and no sidewalks so it's not the safest walking streets in all neighborhoods (it doesn't bother me but I know a lot of people don't like this). Good luck!

Living in Belmont…tips?

Much of Belmont is hilly, and can be challenging to bike. But Water Dog Lake is a nice little excursion, and you're not too far from the Bay Trail if you want some flat distance rides! (There's now a pedestrian/bike bridge over the freeway at Ralston.)

Check out the YMCA in San Mateo, or the Bay Club in Redwood Shores if you are looking more upscale.

Getting to SF by Caltrain is pretty easy, and from there many (but not all) parts of the city are easily accessible via public transit. If you're trying to optimize for time, you may prefer San Carlos or Hillsdale stations, as several trains skip Belmont during commute hours. It's possible to take your bike on the train, but there's a fixed capacity and, being in the middle of the line, you're a bit at the mercy of availability.

For food/shopping you'll mostly be heading to San Mateo or San Carlos – there's relatively little in Belmont. They're easy to get to!

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